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lol, yep I saw it. It’s definitively a marketing tactic.


We have just expanded our buying program significantly with several upgrades to The Dock including more coin, more request baskets and better partitioning of items:

We’re buying several things that most others do not as well as many common items:
Clay Soil
Copper Ore
Iron Ore
Nasharil Lush Leaves
Silver Ore
Sweet Bean
Trunk: Dark Twisted
Trunk: Light Lustrous
Trunk: Munteen Ancient
Trunk: Nasharil Ancient
Trunk: Nasharil Twisted
Gnarled Grass Seed
Trunk: Vulpto Lustrous
Trunk: Dark Ancient
Trunk: Vulpto Twisted

You can find details on all our buy orders on our website:


We’ve been busy!

New request baskets per stone type:

and for organs:


1000 nasharil igneous brick
50 persisting pie
1749 bark
7138 sap
900 dark twisted trunk
650 common refined twisted wood
62 decorative ruby
57 decorative emerald
100 shop stands
2276 sackcloth
1292 cotton cloth
2512 syrup
4687 rough oortstone
36 titanium chisel
24 gold chisel
63 iron chisel
211 blue refined gleam
1800 cream refined gleam
577 titanium alloy
839 common refined igneous rock
845 common sedimentary decorative 1
2092 common sedimentary brick
37 silver chisels
5070 Nasharil metamorphic stones
28 compact emerald
158 compact copper
102 compact iron
129 refined iron
129 refined copper
2316 iron bar
5760 copper ore
1081 gold bar
101 machined copper
101 machined iron
17 compact titanium alloy
281 silver alloy
321 compact coal


I honestly find the placement outside of the Gemporium to be a bit Lame… Did you atleast ask Sly first before doing this?!?

OH FYI all… Sparta’s New Capital of Berlyn sale has just commenced… Great Deals!!!


Well dont find it any more disturbing than you advertising your shop in this topic?. Touche?


This does seem quite a passive aggressive move, if indeed permission hadn’t been asked.
If this is a direction some shop owners are willing to go (not sure of full story behind this yet, ofc…), it makes me feel a tad disheartened of things to come after full release…skies full of competing web address etc.
btw don’t really shop much at either store just wanted to express my view.


If you or someone else wanna talk about the sign you can find me on discord . Same name as here. Dont have to flood this topic with off topic things.


It is an experiment to gauge feedback and sentiment - your responses are valued.


I echo both @Sulfurblade and @catfud 's sentiments. No need to reiterate what they said well.


I’m curious and unable to log in to the game at this moment. I may DM you my opinion if you would dm me a screen shot of the aforementioned sign placement!


We’ll be taking the signs down and moving towards other marketing strategies. Thanks to everyone for voicing your opinions :slight_smile:


So the sign I just saw at Elopor outside of the PS gateway seemed fine fairly high traffic and not next to one of your major competitors! I don’t believe you need to cancel the whole idea… just don’t place a billboard like that next to a shop!


Just to clarify so everyone is aware of the situation, @Buugi had asked me if he could build a mansion of some sort near our settlement. We love the idea of growing Boundful Heights and I was very excited to see that Buugi wanted to make a build there. I believe a week later I stumbled onto the sign and messaged Buugi about it as I didn’t see the plot owner and I thought it may have been him. I asked if that’s what he had meant by building a large mansion. He told me that it was Omni’s “crazy” idea of a test/joke. I had let them know that it could and would probably seen as a childish move on their part. It seemed like some sort of power play, but we did not let it get to us even though it is technically “bad for business”. Instead of responding by putting an even bigger “GEMPORIUM” as our form of a “test/joke” near their shop we just let it be and didn’t even want to wall it off really. We had never been asked if it was okay to place a sign like that around our space, but I also don’t think that we should have been asked because on 1.0 this kind of thing will happen regardless. If he wants to advertise in that way then people will take notice and make their own opinions on the way that things are being run. The sign was take down a few hours ago despite the warning of potential backlash from others that I had mentioned on Tuesday.


Just a quick recap for those not monitoring our Discord:

Now buying

Bark @ 18c each
Silty soil @ 2c each
Sand @ 2c each
Rough amethyst @ 354c each(edited)
Rough diamond @ 114c each
Rough emerald @ 327c each
Rough ruby @ 265c each
Rough amethyst @ 354c each
Rough topaz @ 310c each
Find all the latest prices on our website:


10 emerald hammers
10 emerald chisel
36 refined silver alloy
50 machined titanium alloy
1250 cream refined gleam
100 yellow refined gleam
142 bomb charge
40 bag of titanium bomb
47 bag of gold bomb
47 gold hammer
450 glass
2000 storage block
510 restorative oil
2700 glue
3529 cooked meat
263 mega instant healing brew
56 compact copper
29 compact gold
56 refined copper
29 refined gold alloy
92 machined silver alloy
1348 gold alloy
1350 glass
25 advanced mixer power coils
5423 common refined metamorphic rock
14400 common metamorphic stone
92 machined gold alloy
146 machined copper
394 refined blue gleam
1080 refined iron
57 refined silver alloy


Forged in anticipation

We’re all set to go with labeled shop stands and pre-calculated pricing for every forge crafting material entering the game with the next patch. Now all we need is the patch :thinking:

Pricing changes

Our pricing has been updated today to reflect some market trends. Highlights include copper and trunk pricing increases and milk-related pricing decreases.

Find more details on our website:




Isn’t taking and uploading a screenshot more work then just copy-pasting the text? :thinking::joy:


Maybe not on mobile? It’s just kinda… boop, upload from pics, done!


Maybe … maybe.
But it looks cropped. Thats also a few more touches. :thinking: