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The Dock

Accessible through the new Dock portal in the shop lobby:

As usual updated pricing here:

Discord here:

And more info on the shop here:


Come and check it out now! While stocks last! Check the posts above this one for our pricelist, discord and website.



Also, we now own our own domain:


That’s a lot of work! I think new players will be very impressed and probably think its an official set-up it looks so good!


Am I missing something, or is one of the gleam blocks in the floor misaligned here?

Either the one to the left of the Dock entrance, or the one below it… Based on the spacing, looks like the one below.


This was an intentional OCD trigger to create agitation so when people go into the shop they spend like crazy to soothe the part of their self that cannot handle anything not structured.

A brilliant form of subconscious marketing tactics.


And since we’re on the subject of psychology, let’s talk about /insult as a form of microaggression.

… Wait. Don’t.


yeah im overhauling the hub
itys not finished yet
the floor is last thing i fix


In just the past day, we have restocked all of these items:

We’ve also recruited more gatherers, more hunters and more crafters to bring you the best possible shopping experience. At the same time we’re also working on even more resources like our website, shop space and gathering infrastructure.

Check out our new built-in based pricelist here:


Our recruitment is closed for now - thanks to everyone who has signed up recently!


A blast from Andoweem

Hi everyone,

I want to encourage blast shard farming a bit. I will be offering 173c each on them for a limited period - with 180 000 coin up for grabs!

There’s a hunt starting from Hunter’s Courtyard in 26 minutes - be sure to join in!


Did you know?

You can get real-time notifications on fresh Omni Shop stock on our Discord feed here:

We also maintain an up-to-date pricelist here:

Restocked on

Bucket of Fortified Milk
Bucket of Milk
Bucket of Purified Milk
Common Decorative Twisted Wood
Common Refined Twisted Wood
Common Sedimentary Stones
Compact Clay
Compact Copper
Compact Diamond
Copper Bar
Dark Refined Ancient Wood
Gold Alloy
Iron Bar
Nasharil Igneous Decorative 1
Nasharil Igneous Stones
Nasharil Refined Ancient Wood
Nasharil Refined Igneous Rock
Nasharil Refined Sedimentary Rock
Oort Shard
Refined Blue Gleam
Refined Yellow Gleam
Request Basket
Storage Block
Titanium Alloy
Titanium Axe
Titanium Shovel
Yellow Refined Twisted Wood




Woohoo!!! :smile:



More detail on our website:


Today has no news. It is eerily silent, like the silence before a storm… or a big, big sale.

Stay tuned!


Storm confirmed.


Ah, damn. That sale would’ve been nice :wink:



Well, almost. We’ve done a complete repricing of the store - slashing hundreds of prices by large amounts. This includes many gem tools, metal products, trunks, coal, gold ore, ancient tech components, ancient tech devices, etc, etc, etc.

Simultaneously we’re buying some popular items at higher rates (but a lot at a bit less too).

You can check our website for our new prices, or come and grab the best items first!