On Mining: A foreseeable issue

Hello all!

Scrolling through the forums here I see a bit of an issue that might arise that we haven’t yet addressed, or at least if we have I have completely missed it and my apologies!

The problem is thus: Resources are scarce. While this wouldn’t be a problem if the entire community was always friendly and sharing, looking at any MMO after some period of time can tell you otherwise. You will have players/groups nabbing monopolies with beacons or just all around mining out everything and never sharing the material or in the worst case logging off permanently with an inventory filled to the brim with useful/rare material.

My solution is thus: Ore Essence. Rarely (And I truly mean rarely or else one mining trip would be all we ever needed to make) while mining you will come across an Ore Essence related to the Ore you had been mining. This this essence can be applied or planted into raw stone/dirt and will eventually grow into a new ore deposit.

Anyways, just one solution to battle the trolls of the future, please let me know your thoughts!

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Aren’t the worlds infinite? And with multiple infinite worlds, I doubt this will be a problem. I may have just assumed they were infinite and could be wrong.

I believe that resource placement is just preliminary as of now, and will be adjusted based on feedback in the future. I wouldn’t worry about resource scarcity.

the worlds are not infinite

That’s what I get for assuming.

they are like 10 000 blocks x 10 000 blocks or so

for OP. claiming a resourceful area for your own is not trolling. that is economy

Resources outside claimed territory will regrow, and i think there was some talk about making it possible to do something similar inside beacons?

they said that you could claim an area with a beacon if it had good resources in it, so i imagine all of them will respawn over time.

Problem how does the beacon know what to regenerate and what not to regenerate?

yeah precisely. and though i like the idea of having constant mats i dont like the idea of regenerating rocks.

Maybe some kind of smaller machine that connect to the beacon and regenerate a specific area around it?

im talking unbeaconed area. imagine i dig out a huge mine, or a tunnel throw a mountain, when i come back 2 hours later the rocks had ‘‘grown’’ back together.

its a hard line though.

I think it was meant to grow back rather slowly and we have been promised small beacons to make sure stuff like tunnel do not regrow if we use it.

how would a stone in any sense ‘‘grow’’? it is a question of realism vs fun factor

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It is a question about avoiding how minecraft servers look after a year of use.

Rock might not grow, but crystals certainly do. It wouldn’t be outrageous to assume we could see some regenerating crystal deposits- or have types of crystals that can be farmed like normal crops.


i imagine materials we need regrow such as iron and stuff so it is worth the time, but i dont know…

Very, very slowly.

And magic.

Worlds will wrap around in different shapes. That means their A - finite and B very cool^^
But they can go veeeeeeeery deep. I can’t remember the exact numbers but multiple minecraft depths if I recall correctly.

Rock doesn’t grow it gets moved and who knows how the physics in the oort world work? maybe the core of the worlds moves the tectonic plates rather quickly, so we’d see stone moving in a weeks time. And that could just be one of the more realistic explanations.
Magic always does the trick^^