On the Age

Hello wonderful people!

While scrolling through these forums I have yet to find an answer to a question that will largely define some of the themes in this game, and it is thus: What age or era are we in?

There are a few options:

Stone Age

  • Languages have arisen, but civilizations not so much.
  • Tools and equipment are extremely basic, objects like the grappling hook are Oortian Relics.
  • Magic is erratic at best and few utilize it.

Bronze Age

  • Basic civilizations and writing have occurred.
  • Tools and equipment are both based off of Oortian relics and self inspired.
  • Magic is somewhat a stable practice but it is studied by few.

Iron Age

  • Cities and guilds are a common occurrence.
  • Tools and Equipment are largely self inspired but the occasional Oortian invention is still elusive.
  • Magic is practiced for daily activities and is common in nearly all accounts.

Industrial/Steampunk Age

  • Advanced cities and empires have occurred.
  • Tools and equipment are almost always self inspired but some fantastical items are drawn from or even improved upon from Oortian relics.
  • Magic is a staple of life and is utilized to do almost everything.

Anyone have thoughts on this?

@ben @james is there an official idea of the era we are in?


the oort age!

well they plan to have automated machinery so kinda steampunk, but that is not the correct theme since its not actually steam. so Oortpunk? xD

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Sure, but are we actually crafting these automations or are they repurposed/copied Oortian relics?

eh dunno. i just dont think you can put it like that

i would say industrialization age but instead of mechanics its powered by oort stone. tehre was quite the big debate on the last forums about it.

I think our characters in Oort are similar to the Covenant from Halo if that’s a decent explanation.

Interesting way of putting it, Reclaimer!

Why not have it so that as you increase in tiers, you progress througout the ages?