On which ways worlds should get specific mats?

Heyho. In the Forums there was one point talked about a long time: Encourage to trade through materials, that are not available on all Worlds, but only on one or a few. So now let us talk about on which ways you think this special materials should be implemented in the Worlds and on which degree they should be special?

I have a few idears allready …

  1. Let there be a special breed of creatures on one or few worlds. For example, there could be hound-like animals on quite a lot worlds, but there is a special kind of them (with a new texture and may be a bit tougher), that roams only one or two worlds at night (may be its fur is glowing and it is called moon hound for example). This creature then has a meat, that can be used for more efficient food, that gives you a strength buff over time (which would be a good cause for many people to buy that stuff from others)

  2. Let there be special fine gems. Normal gems can be found on many worlds (but may be not all of them on all worlds), but there are for exaple “Fine Rubies”, which are only found on a vulcanic world. Those then have the same effect then normal rubies, but it is a bit more stronger then. For example, if rubies add fire to weapons. normal ones have about +20% fire damage, the fine ones about 30%. I think many people would see that as a good cause to go digging ans selling :wink:

  3. This time for the builders: We allready have stuff made out of wood getting the color of the original logs. So I think that each World schould only have one or two kinds of wood, so that wood trading gets quite normal if people want to fill their houses. May be that there are special wood styles, that are very rare. For example a black wood with red veins. That would be only a rare kind of tree, so that people are encouraged to get out into the few worlds where you can find those trees.

What are your ideas on this? :wink:


On point 1
On the special mobs part this could go real far from special foods to gems metals rocks fur etc since there are some kind of rocky mobs pictures already so some rare/different mobs on certain worlds would be nice for better materials no matter what kind of materials

As for findable resources volcanic desert floating island and so on worlds could also have their own materials

Combine a special world with special mobs and you could have extreme rare materials but as with nature harsh environments create dangerous creatures who adapt to such environment

As for point 2
I think that next to the world deciding the quality of mined resources etc the skill you have(lvls or whatever) should also determine if you can get those resources
And then I dont mean you find cool stuff but your lvl is not good enough
I then mean you find a 50% bonus gem but you suck at mining you mine it and its a 20% gem because you messed up
Having % chance depending on skill to extract it carefully and not damage the good quality items

On point 3
Different treecolors oke but id love to see stuff from point 1 and 2 put into this
Like certain mob drops or farmable stuff that lets you craft/create certain blocks (this could go incredible far)
Like for example add gems to blackwood to give them coloured veins
or maybe living mob trees you have to kill for their blocks
or maybe even being an experienced woodcutter to not lose the veins or whatever cool look a log has by cutting it with a way to low lvl damaging the cool looking wood and making it lose some of its properties/looks

There are many ways to look at how it could be done but hope the possibilities will be huge and being a to low lvl wont stop you from mining/using best resources so really hope something like my point 2 stuff comes in

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That are some good ideas, especialy that you could have to need a good skill in what you are doing to get those better/rare mats. I hope that there are many different kinds of rare stuff that are limited to only a few worlds each so that trading can get a bigger influence in the game, but a nice mix of “rare on worlds” and “hard to get” will make it even better :wink: