One Way Passage - Testers needed

Anyone fancy giving a brute force, or at least make some attempt to test the latest one way door that I have adapted from @xira1979’s desighn. I have not been able to make it through this current iteration in more than one direction and need some testers as xira is not online…

Hey so which planet was this? I Can be right there.

Missed you, its Sochaltin I

Do you have discord? : Samski#3960

I’ll test it! I like testing things, will be online tonight (5 hours)

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Think i’m busy tonight, on now tho…

I’m serving coffee and cake now :unamused: is it accessible to the public, maybe post/pm some coords?

yes please


Problem is its hidden in my testing area under my workshop, its a bit of a mess down there even tho its open to public. Hopefully ill catch Xira when they are next on. or ill just head out and drag back some willing volenteers…

For anyone who want to try find this, Come through Ultima Sochaltin I portal, then head through the Love portal, and it is just below you, under my machines:

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I’m there testing it now, as I’m very interested in such contraption, I managed to grapple back through it
also sneaking works

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ah sneaking… it seems its not easy to pull off, maybe impossible, i tried off the back of Xira…

with a little bit of wiggling I actually run through it. I can show you if you are on now

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I sold out. Get me home to Boundless please… few more hours

Thanks for testing it, thought it just needed a new pair of feet to try :smiley: