Ooohoooow did something go wrong? (DK mall maintenance run)

Since a month or so i had to turn on plot protection.
No specific reason that is to important to mention here. And will stay on until a little snag in the plan is resolved.

Sadly i still don’t have enough free time to play and can only keep the maintenance on time (msg, portal fuel and plot check). And pop off again. :wink:

Today i found this…

Wondering if the beacon was deleted on purpose or mistake… as there still is some brick. Ive claimed the area but for the life of me I can’t remember who’s it was and who to contact….

So if anyone knows just let me know here.
And if it was you also let me know here.

To add:
Atm im going with that it was on purpose as I don’t have a msg (pm,psn,discord or forum) and it was either manually removed or decayed (if regeneration was in effect its been more then a day).

Anyway back to lurking on the forum as ingame chat has had 40min to fully pop. (Got my notifications of the day already soooooooo :wink:)


I can help out if you are going to be out. I’m still around :slight_smile:


Let me know ahead of time if you turn off plot protection please?

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I will do so :wink:

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What’s the ‘grid’ reference in the old mall? Maybe that’d help?

I think I let my old stall elapse that was just inside the old row … I wanna say … H?

But maybe it was P … but I think it was H.

But that was a month or two ago, I think.

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Its in the new section of the mall. Most of the old section I don’t own😉.
(Will have to search actively which row is what in the old section :joy::rofl::joy: myself)

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I grabbed the plots that I was worried about :smiley:

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