Ooooooh Honey!


Winter is coming but this little bee is not resting. Located on Circarpous-Punks Stargate hub, we bring to you affordable and much needed sustenance for your own little hive. Currently on stock: seeds, resin, petrolim, plants and other sweet deals. Shop will be updated weekly, got to keep buzzy (the bad puns will stop… eventually).
We are accessible via Ultima Besevrona portal, Slipstream in Lamblis, New Blacklight on Biitula, Boori Marrah on… you guessed it: Boori and our fairly newly created Stargate on Grovidias Te.

The management takes no responsability for stings, cavities from eating too much honeycombe and other related health bee-ziness.

Keep on buzzing, friends!


love it alot
ps:my brother got into bee’s and just produced his first honey
he told me everybody wants to visit but do not wanna go near the bee’s
so i asked how many bee suits you have he replyd just my own
you should do something with the resin fluid it kinda looks and flows like honey :smile:


I did. It is oozing out of the mini hive. Next bit is some drops of amber from ceiling :honeybee:


ow yeah i totally did not notice that lolz


Restocked with new exo plants and rocks. Plants are very bright, rocks are super dark. Adding more petrolim too


Also just added old event items and craft mats. This bee’s been buzzy!


New deco items from recent exos added. Also, would appreciate feedback on pricing :blush: