Oort does not have the steam greenlight time record anymore

A game called Tree Of Savior just got a steam greenlight in just 10 hours…

And no one even knows if the greenlight was actually done by the developers or if it’s a hoax - the hype for that game is pretty goddamn high

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Oh well it got confirmed to be real actually. HYPE

Hmmm, just had a look. Looks like just another Japano-RPG MMO again, doesn’t look very inovative eather ^^

first of all, it’s korean, not japanese.
and It actually has some very unique classes and a very unique class system.

Just to give you a few examples - it has one class that can make time go backwards. it has a class that can predict the future (predicting item drops and hitboxes). it has a class that can change the sizes of mobs or body parts to make them bigger/smaller. it has a class that can transform dead mobs into zombies and create a personal army of zombies. it has a class that can make his soul go out of his body and do stuff, while his body is still in another place (there is a distance limit tho).

Oh, sorry. Here im Germany the genre of games like zelda or final Fantasy is called Japano-RPG. Saw that it is from Korea before :wink:

The classes sound “nice”, but nothing that gives me a “wow!” moment. The combat looks very genre like and not fastpaced enough for me. For fans of the genre that may be a game of cause. Looks well made. But nothing that shakes the foundation of MMOs I think :wink:

Well those class concepts seem absolutely amazing to me, but each one and his taste i guess ~
And also a game doesn’t need to shake the foundation of a genre to be fun and original.

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With quotes like “Dungeons are dangerous places where you can get special rewards.” I think we’re definitely not in original territory there. It looks to me like Different Pixels, Same Game.

It isn’t even on steam anymore or did I just miss it?^^
Anyway, the Necromancer is a joke. He collects garbage and uses it to make a golem of some sort. That’s not a Necromancer, that’s a recycler^^
At least it’s not round based^^

And yes a game with that style is called JRPG.

Well… It doesn’t look like a game I’d play tho… Not because it’s an JRPG but because I don’t like the Style, at all… ^^ Why the ■■■■ is it that hyped?!

It was a fun record while it lasted :smile: