Oort doesn't work with Steam Link


I have just checked to play Oort with my Steam Pad and Link. The Pad was working perfectly (even with no option for chatting without a keyboard this may become my favorite stearing for it (I saved my setting for public in steam :wink: )), but the Link cannot stream. If the game is on fullscreen it has a standing screen (stuck) and if it is windowed I can see the window, but the image is totally mixed (ever tried watching a coded chennel in TS without a decoder or remember the errors at the Amiga back in old times?). I cannot make screenshots cuz those are taken on the pc screen (labtop with win8.1 64bit) where it is running perfectly smoth and clean in the same time.

Would be cool to have it working until the big release of the link for the users ^^


Do all your other game work with it?

Maybe posting on the Link forum
http://steamcommunity.com/app/353380/discussions/, may suggest something.

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Japp, other games are working well, but streaming my desktop is not good (only 1024600 of the screen are shown while games are streamed at 192011xx with no probs). I have posted that already in the forums but no solution by now.

And oort is like corrupted when in windowed mode in the desktop.

I will post this special problem later in the forum as well.

PS: Asked a friend with Oort and link as well if he can make a check with his system. Now waiting for the answer ^^

Pps: his link is still not shipped but on the way :wink:

hmmm, I changed my desktop resolution to force the game to use 1600x900. now it works BUT if I play in FUllscreen it still stucks in a frame (and is in a window, but may be that is just the last image he sends) AND if I play in a window on the pc I have a nearly fullscreen on the tv where can see parts of a window-frame in the edges (as if Oort was not running in Flullscreen but a over the bounds (Boundless!!! ;P) maxed out window.). And this window is not just looking fullscreen cuz of the reslolution problem (showing only 60% of the screen) because it is not in the upper left corner … but at least it is playable for now ^^

I will add two screens … first in windowed (fullscreen on tv ^^ . you see the white border of the “window” at the top), the second the stucked one if Fullscreen on the PC.

“windowed” working

“Fullscreen” stucked

I experienced similar. The link is pretty buggy and when I got to work, it lagged too much to play. Even on other games, it might play for a bit and then freeze. But there are frequent patches coming it because it’s in beta.

My main issue is with the steam controller key mapping… So many buttons, I could not figure out.

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hehehe, the pad just has 3 buttons more then the xbox pad (you can press both pads and the stick (on xbox the dpad is not to be clicked) and 2 more on the bottom). Just a small change on this matter. To get used to touchpads is a more tricky one :wink:

But yes, still hope my prob with Oort (aka Boundless) is not clientside and will be fixed with a patch for the link soon.