Oort is it gem or lucent?

So rough oort stacks as “rough gem” mixing with sapphire, ruby, etc.

BUT Blocky oort stacks as “lucent”

So what the hell is oort? :confounded:



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i’ve been wondering this for SUCH a long time. i think it’s lucent though. Gems don’t have animation, oort does but it stacks with gems.

It goes from a gem to a lucent when you turn it into a block? Is this really a support thread?

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I was not sure what label was the best one. What if it is actually a bug?

Maybe it’s an origin gem. Takes properties of all or some in various stages.

Now we need an oort saber. Harness the power of oort!

Excellent question! To me, gems are ones that are found naturally in the earth. Lucent are the made up ones for this game. I’d categorize it as lucent.

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well in block form, embedded resource, compact, refined, and deco… it emits light (though without lighting the environment), so it fits the lucent description from that stand point :thinking: I guess smart-stacking with gems is a remnant of a pre-lucent age :man_student:


I reckon it’s definitely this!