Oort Online Build Contest (April 2015)

In a few weeks I’ll be rebooting Oort Night, my Oort Online news show, to streamline episodes, and give them a better purpose in the Oort Online Community. For this reason, I’m asking any and all Oort Online builders to build a set for the show, that’ll be used when the reboot happens.

The winner will receive a £20 (or equivalent) Steam Voucher, and will have their work (as well as a YouTube Channel, Twitter, or other social media feed - if they wish) shown off once the final set has been chosen. As well as this, they’ll have a mention in the credits at the end of each episode of Oort Night that uses their set.

There’s more information in the video. Good luck!


Sorry, I can’t select the link from work, but are you looking to have the entire studio made, or just the set?

Just the set. When I pick the final design I’ll be looking to recreate it inside my beacon in Gortnen. :smile:

If you check out the video when you can, you’ll see that the current set is inside of a room, with only two walls being the actual “set”. :smile:

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Can I get jam as prize if I manage win :3 ?

If you’d like jam, then jam you shall have! :smiley:

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Yay! :smiley:


Breaking all seals; 10,9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,0. Turning all limiters off!
Exsu transforming into legendary Holy (Jam) Excalibur !

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Wow… That escalated quickly!

I’ll definitely build one ^^ Can it be a medieval styled one or has it to be modern?

It’s up to you really. As long as it looks like it’s for a talk show/news show, the theme doesn’t matter too much. :smile:

is this contest still active? were any builds entered?

Absolutely! There were some issues with getting the contest update video out, so I’ll just announce a winner on Sunday. :smile: