Oort online Clothing

This is just a idea,but I think having some kind of “Clothing/Temperature system” in Oort would be great. If you travel to a cold climate world,I’ll have to wear a coat or something to keep warm;so you don’t over freez. Maybe if you portal to a hot world for some…fire plants or something. You’ll have to wear a little less. This is seen in Ark:Survival Evolved and I think would do well in Oort Online.


The worlds already have temperature maps assigned in the world generator (as well as humidity, vegetation and altitude), so it’s quite possible this will be looked into in the future :smile:

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I think that the devs said there would be higher-tier/event worlds that would be very harsh and unforgiving, and some may require protective clothing for weather.

Awesome - that’s very Starbound-like, and is a fantastic progression system.

One thing that isn’t great about how Starbound (currently) handles it: The high tier biomes are on a subset of all the game’s biomes. It makes the end tier really boring (lots of lava/etc worlds).