Oort shards


Is there a shop that currently has Oort shards in Nova Golda city


There is a hunt drops market stall but the prices are ehmm, a tad on the high side for my liking and not sure if they have oort, I think they did but not sure if they still do…


Might want to keep an eye out for my deals basement later today :slight_smile:


If your ever in the Golden fist we sell oort shards in the back right near the public minter


Okay where’s that


To access The Golden Fist:

  • Portal Seekers Grovidias Te
  • Meteor Meet
  • The Ultima Exchange
  • Fireborn (Minorengle)
  • TNT Hub
  • Anarchy Hub
  • Hearth Guard
  • 4KG City

We usually have them listed around 15c