Oort Tech - Boundless Magic System/Items (Updated)

I have seen the “Introducing: Shard Magic System” by @DarkRepulsor and “Magic types” by @Zouls and the “demands” from @ben saying to not think fire/ice/light etc and to not think magic, so based on them, my thoughts on it and ben’s demands(trying to make technological Oort stuff instead of pure magic), this is the OorTech:

Shards inspired by @DarkRepulsor

Empty Shard - Used to store various properties gathered from the worlds.

Warden/White Shards(Summoning) :- Damage a beast/monster/animal significantly to be able to imprison them into a Warden or White(they are white and they serve as an imprison and invoke Shard). Each White Shard can contain 1 monster/etc at a time(maybe 3 or 4 when talking about weaker foes, and it would help to gather animals from one place to another, a skill not always to fight but for utility too) and if you want to invoke them you break the crystal and release it. Once you’ve broken a shard, it will remain in your inventory, broken, for you to be able to repair it with a craftsman or just go find yourself more Warden Shards. These shards have mind manipulation components that makes the captured foes into your allies, marking their foreheads(or above them) with a sign, signifying that he is your ally.

Ember Dust : Collected from certain/special burned rocks(you have to burn them in orther to obtain Ember Dust). A Oortian recipe is found with this information. The Ember Dust is a startegic weapon you might use against tricky and bouncy foes. It can be used with other materials as well as putting it on a weapon to make it Embered, and everytime you hit the enemy it causes a little explosion that deals damage and knocks back the enemy a bit more(imagine this on swords, knuckles, arrows/bows). This dust can be put on the ground, for example, around a foe then bait that foe for the trail of Ember Dust and burn it. Ember Dust after being compressed into an Empty Shard, it becomes an Ember Bomb you can throw and it explodes. If you use this shard on The Rod(works similiar to the essences/explained below) you can use it a flamethrower.

Inspired by @Zouls
Chimera/Grey Shards - Obtained from killing Crystal Chimeras (random fused creatures with those creatures various attacks and health points combined. And by being fused together, they create crystals(or shards) in their body - a mini boss). These shards if molten on a weapon, they give that weapon “illusion” properties. These illusion properties become real in the world. If you molten a shard on sword it, every time you attack an enemy 1 or 2 illusions of the sword appear and attack the enemy too. If you hold your attack and then release with a Chimera’d/Illuded sword you bend space and teleport yourself for a maximum of 10/15 blocks. It has other properties on different weapons and it also can be used on the Ember Dust to make Illuded Ember Dust. Once compressed and released it fires a black and white fire colored clone of yourself that runs towards the enemy and explodes dealing more damage than the Ember Bomb(its also slower to use). If you use it on a bow(another example),the arrows you fire will disappear right after you send them and appear 2 blocks later with a lot more speed which will cause more damage and will travel significantly more.

Uce - Unstable Climate Essence / Sce - Stable Climate Essence and The Rod :
Uce is the Oortian word found that means Unstable Climate Essence, and so is the Sce for stable climate essence. These essences are captured by being able to build a “machine”(an ancient Oort mechanism found somwhere and cannot be made) that attracts lightning strikes. These machines hold an earth compound(you can use dirt, sand or rock) and when hit by the lightning strike, it destroys the sand/dirt/rock and only leaves the Essence behind. After having a Uce, make sure you use an Empty Shard(which is transperant) to put the Essenses inside them, becoming Ucec and Scec(c for contained). You can use it various times until the shard breaks and releases the essence. The Rod is used here, to put the shard in the top of it and then it can be used. You use it back left clicking and aiming at a cloud, which will cause a lmini lightning storm around you that will hit AROUND foes(lightning strikes hit around them, as it is unstable, you cant aim, the lightning will hit them but its based on probability, you cant control that with an Uce). If you have a Scec you can point The Rod at the clouds and it will “suck” the lightning out of it and store it in The Rod which makes the Scec shining and you can use it as a lightning resource on a cave or dungeon. These lightning strikes can be aimed by you and also, like it is stored) you can use them below earth as well. Be sure to charge your Rod before going into a dangerous cave or dungeon.
P.S.: The Ucec and Scec are really white bright with light blue outlines and emite light blue light.
P.S.2: Maybe the Uce and Sce words are a bad idea and just leave it as those 3 big words?)

Orbital Sphere and Rings - You wear 4 rings(one in each finger) and you hold the sphere in your hand. When you throw the sphere and it touches something it starts gravitating around where it touched and creates a gravitational sphered pull with (around)5 blocks radius and enemies inside it are pulled by the center to the center, which some enemies cant get out, others can hardly get out and bigger ones arent really affected by this pull BUT after some seconds or if you right click while still holding the rings, it implodes causing damage to every kind of enemy. And your rings work while still the gravitational pull hasnt imploded, and it you used them to send a maximum of 4 smaller implosions where you aim. You can use the rings outside the Sphere Gravitational Pull, so you can use it stratigically: trap some annoying enemy, focus another group with the small implosions. The SGP automatically implodes if you used the 4 smaller implosions already or if it passes 10seconds( example numbers off course). The Rings then attract/retrieve the Sphere from a distance and you can use it after some seconds again, after it recovers magnetic properties.
P.S.: You snap your fingers to use the mini implosions.

Ethereal Bracelets (Magic Melee) - Crafted with the Essences found in the floating islands and bracelets. These bracelets are written with :oort_e: :oort_t: :oort_h: :oort_e: :oort_r: :oort_e: :oort_a: :oort_l: (ETHEREAL) in black and they can take various forms and weapon types, as it uses a white molding energy.You can create a glider, which servers to that. Razor Discs, which serves as a ranged weapon and when yo get upclose with the enemy you can spawn knuckles which wrap around your hands and arms(from the eblow to the hand). You can only use so much of this_ the damage increases by each successeful hit with razer discs and the punches and then it overcharges causing it to go on cooldown for a long time(maybe 2 minutes(?))

Edit1: updated and completed Ethereal bracelets. reworked ember dust.

These are the ones i could come up right now, I want to add more but later. I like it not being magic but yes a technology that the Oort left behind. That is what @ben suggested and i’m sure the rest of the team too. Also, this, for me, is complementary for @DarkRepulsor 's Shard system, which i think its awesome. Shards may not be created by the Oort but found in various worlds and POINTED to us by the Oort.

And as always, this is all IMO. Thank you for reading it all if you did xD i know its big and words with no images dont appeal to anyone.


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My favorite one is the knuckles but I havê to get my banda no a PC. Cant write as fast and good on the phone. Also forgot to mentioned that you snao your fingers for the nini implosions, is it cool?

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Ahaha funny. Would apreciate if you read. I’d like to hear everyone’s criticism. But be sure to only crític if you read the WHOLE of the weapon/item you are criticising

Very cool, @TrikRisk

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