Oort worths it?

Hi, im gathering money to make my donation to Oort, and i would like to get some opinions from different kinds of donator people. Specifically…

Does the access to world builder work to you, have you develop any world?

Does “ingame developer chat” worth? What have your proposed?, did your proposal got heard for real or just happily denied?

what about the monthly skype, for one actually sold, do you feel heard? have you make any change in developers results?,

Thats it, plz send all feed back you can, ill read it all and have it in mind.

Allways sorry for my poor english.


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  1. Have not done anything more than a cursory overview of the builder, so I cannot say either way. But I can say it is pretty advanced compared to others I have seen.

  2. In game developer chat is not currently available. I have no idea your intention nor that of the development team. I can only say, that I think it it may be unreasonable ot expect too much from it (for any game).

2a. With regards to being heard… I have seen the developers active participating in the forums here and completely in tune with the various requests. Further, there are votes for upcoming features and very good surveys for areas of interest. While it is not productive to be everything for everyone, it is my honest opinion from my observations, this team is very engaged and smart enough not to be a DEC. For reference, DEC was a giant computer company that listened so much to their customers that they went out of business, unprepared for market changes.

  1. The highest tier was filled just a few days ago, so no monthly Skype’s have happened yet. However, while the access is great and nothing beats face to face influence, I believe it would be unlikely that somehow that would be anything more than a share ideas session. However, it is an awesome opportunity to get access to a real game development experience.

It sounds like you may be interested in a significant contribution. I cannot advise you on that, other than to say I believe in the team and I like the current product direction. :smile:

It is also worth mentioning the other perks included in the higher tiers, like lots of game keys to give to family and friends, the extra beacon ranges and the ability to share those perks with family and friends. And it goes without saying, in the two highest pledge levels you help create actual worlds and at the highest, a game item. :wink:

Edit: this is good deal of theory crafting. Perhaps the developers can provide better insight.


It works just fine and i have not made any full worlds yet, but i have made some quite interesting biomes.

Last i checked though the save mechanism on mac was a bit broke though

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I will leave the other backers to comment on the value of the tiers.

You should think of the World Builder as the first tool we’ve provided for world makers, modders and server hosts. Clearly we’ve not provided everything yet, but wanted to get the ball rolling with something that we thought players might enjoy playing with. Interesting some of the worlds online were made by early backers ( @Squidgy and @Karko ). Make sure you checkout Squidgy youtube playlist containing world builder videos.


I have built 7 unique worlds, 4 that have gone live on the production environment, and 2 of them are still live currently. The first iteration of the map maker is very powerful and very complex. Learning it reminded me of the first time I began working with the Unreal editor. The best thing to do is watch the devs video about how to use it and follow along with what they are doing step by step. Go ahead and pause the video alt tab and follow the instruction. Once you have copied them you can begin to make small changes to see how they effect the world. Save you world constantly and make multiple save points, as you move forward in development sometime you will find the path you took was ■■■■, and want to go back and go a different direction with the project. Over time you will build confidence and can begin to experiment with more exotic designs. Don’t hesitate to ask questions the devs and the community are very helpful.


Finally someone explains it! I wasnt abel to do anything for now xD

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I can’t really answer your questions, but I’ve seen the developers very active here and there on the forums, talking to people and answering questions. I hope this whole project becomes the next big thing, once it will be launched.

So for me the point when I decided to donate was (I’m being very drammatic here) if this thing will be real, I want to be part of it! So now I’m asking you, do you want to be part of it?

I had to give my honest romantic contribution here! ^^