Oortbusters (Weekly) T6 Chill Speed/Hunt

OortBusters Guild will be having a platform hunt on our Hunt planet,
Evilution X a T6 Chill world.

‎Hunt Leader: @OfficerHatchet
Day: Tuesday/Thursday
Time: 2021-10-21T14:00:00Z
Duration: 2 hr
Location: (T6) Evilution X
Bow type: Ruby/Diamond
Protection: Lvl 5 Potent
1 BlinkSec : Houchus I
Players Required To Launch 10-20
Capacity 20max

If Not The Required amount Of Players We Be On Are T4 KarmaKazi Planet

Discord https://discord.gg/74yRVByae8

We will be meeting at OortBusters HQ
Our HQ is Directly Accessible from
TNT Mega Hub On ).Circapous I.
Were up On The Second Floor
In The Corner