(¯`·._.·(¯`·._.· oortchicken amusement park ·._.·´¯)·._.·´¯) rollercoaster in the making-new soundstage

building a themepark
can provide building materials and terrain
so if you like to build but dont like to level our gather mats contact me
all builds will be permanent

also looking for jump puzzles
cool mazes
fairytale builds/storys/lore for park
you name it
waterpark can provide plans by mighty @hashmalash

also one payed contract :building a ferriswheel with provided plan send me offers

we also got a massive stadium if ya interested in minigames come help us invent an awesome game for the stadium our sugest one

ahja its called oortchicken park

also have rebuild my old project the location library well be accepting locations pretty soon wonna be a legendary librarian get in touch


Moebius-chan is Back \ (^-^) /


Dodge Bombs stadium :stadium:


I am a furniture builder: Examples of my chiseling work:

The above are examples. I will gladly help if you need help with seating/furniture


i am a great structure builder! I made a giant wildstock a while ago.

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if you want, i can make a functional slide roller coaster (my dream build!)


Supaslide 2000 comeback? :crazy_face:

I still call it Spleef .
I get confused when people talk about dodge bomb hehe.


I’d love to participate!
might I have a suggestion though ? I was thinking about an ‘amusement park’ contest some time ago, decided to postpone it, because I wanted to build a volcano, you know, good reasons :smiley: . the main issue I ran into is the player skills. so I suggest that all the interactive rides should be calibrated to one specific skill set so the player can enjoy the whole park without skill swaps. what I find works best is ‘long jump epic’ -on
‘double jump epic’ -off ( long is better because it has a ‘grab’ function and you can get 1 block higher than with double) and no floating pies.
I made one jump puzzle at Deep Dark Mall ( portal at TNT, behind Antar gate )


Cool thinking road lamps rest benches bins toilets :slightly_smiling_face: I’m ordering bricks I give you some in the parks colors so you can make concepts we can repeat along the park can also place

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Def need that roller coaster our guild sanctum lays under giant hill on top we have space for it it be nice focal point need be flashy :slightly_smiling_face: the big entrance has two stages each side where I planned oort chicken statues (roadrunner) another idea I had was headless statues in the park to put your head on and take picture like one off those foto walls with heads cut out but then in 3d


Nice idea to get over the jump skill problem you can color the parcour blocks per skill aswell I rather not run contest Ive done fair share off contests and not big fan off it anymore I rather have people just come and help me out off freewill and let it grow over time but stuff like giving prices after voting afterwards Def a go our was you not talking a out build contest and more like minigames contest

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I will post a more elaborate topic in moeb style soon to keep people updated and track off people and progress also no contest take ya time people then it looks better :slightly_smiling_face: and it be more worked out

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Oe olmost forgot snack houses Def need a cookie stand for when ya visit @Minyi we need cookies :cookie::yum:

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Good newz we off for a good start
terrain has been prepped for a cool garden
and we hollowed out a entire mountain for the new guildsanctum

but on top is an epic mountain filled with flowers and we hoping this will be good enough for an epic rollercoaster by @LunaiHunter

it has epic views all around the park

the location library ready to put into use thx to @andysav

soon you can bring in epic location markers and take some home

the stadium ready and awaiting installment off nice game

@noniethepup our bricks order in our color pallette is coming tomorrow pm so i can get you a carepackage so you can do some furniture magic
roads slowly forming but they missing some cool stuff to go with it

@Apt ill soon seek nice terrain for a challenge any tips what a such terrain needs?

by tomorrow the entire park will be linked to a guildbook that serves purely for construction acces if you want to help and are full off guilds we sort that for ya aswell

remember take your time and relax and have fun nobody being rushed here im just enthiousiastic person lolz
grtz the moebs


sanctum dig completly done and entrance beginning to shape up
grass been layed down in the gardens
and a base off operations been installed with mesage boards supplys tools
building blocks trampolines and ice
and various handy systems to order in supplys our mark if we low on them
gonna be a little builders paradize
no pictures saving them for the weekend

oh yeah while trimming the grass me and jenn discover a stretch off sand and it screamed at us IM A EPIC BEACH so we gonna install some sunbeds and maybe a tikibar (gonna have cookies and green tea)

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odb at finata got some nice things.

Fun Icerslide.


building an arcade room
im thinking led floor for dance dance revolution
big screen pong wall
driving sim to sit in
arcade machines

if you got nice idea let me knowz
our swing by at oortchicken park
we have a builder room with supplys and tools
ill be there for the next 4 hours


lots been done
then builder/staff centrum has been build and is finally up and running
we provide materials tools everything you need to work at the park
and if we dont have it you can request it on the signs
we also provide a personal storage locker to safe keep your items while working at the park

we installed super nice pool including showers kiddypool that overflow for ya backpaine hottub and some launchboards(duikplank)

i started building the main central building where will be
the arcade foodcourt poolbar toilets and a room where you can
see wich attraction is where what builder extra info
kinda like tourist office

stadium looking sweet aswell

and our location library where ya can get our donate locations
has all its gear to function installed just need put it to use

if you like to build but dont like to do everything else def come help out
we got everything you need


Need ideas for the mainbuilding what should be in it
how should we name the foodstall’s
ideas to put into the arcade
and the carnival game spots


looking for builders for functional and non functional themepark things
carnival games
big attractions
own project


Damn… you dont see mr @the-moebius in half year and now he spams the forums like mad dog :crazy_face:


thats no spam its a weekend picture update :smile:

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