Oortian log: Private Buugi's expedition to find ancient trunks

I wanna share my journet through Houchous(pokkus) planet exploration.
My main goal was actually to find Ancient trunks… little that i know… those are really hard to find.

I grabbed my axes and other tools leaving plenty of space for wood that i would gather.

I checked the colourmap of boundless and decided to head out to Houchous (pokkus) as there was that sweet light blue ancient colour.
I stepped out of the portal thinking “this is gonna be over quick and then i just do the usual stuff”.

I encountered many different creatures while being there like wildstock, spitter and those lovely cuttletrunks(yes just wanna squeeze them so hard).
After about 30minutes when i was went pass over hundreds of twisted and lustrous trees i started thinking
“where are these godly light blue ancient trees”.

That made me actually kinda curious has anyone actually even seen one there ? so it turned out after little bit of investigating and asking from discord from our lovely community there was actually a ancient trunk farm portal in Ultima Houchous (ye its pokkus you know it) Hub.

So i wondered myself "RIGHT on! this is easypeazy now! " just head to the portal and gather some of that yet again SWEET light blue ancient. So i run in to the houchous hub (ye literally like usain bolt back in the days) to find out that the portal was CLOSED (damn you @Hashmalash).

SO after feeling like a total bad ass lumberjack i decided to have a one last try now with help of @Simoyd s awesome boundless map and actually spend 15minutes looking at it. I was pretty certain that this one place could have those (all together) SWEET light blue ancient trees.

So i head back to Houchous (pokkus).
Feeling good… got coffee with me on my desk… inventory had everything i need… generally feeling like a superman(in this case oortianman).
AFTER wandering around and exploring i actually didnt find my SWEET light blue trunks…

But these were probably one of the enjoyable moments ive been having after the launch!
I didnt honestly care i didnt found them… i found them next time.
i like exploring and this is something what i wanna do again and again.

Thanks for reading this.
-Private Buugi, out.


If ya head to the PS hub on that planet i believe there’s a portal leading to one of those trees.

Kinda hilarious that a portal needs to be set up though for a tree if i say so myself.

Still though, seems like the journey was more than worth it ahah

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Thats actually my things to do list but didnt quite make it there. Haha! Better check that out

Nothing like bounding over a high level planet looking for elusive blocks. I spent an enjoyable few hours on Malurialakrib looking for the GROOVY green tangle. I found some VERY large goats; some rock formations that looked like downtown Dallas; some gorgeous green grass valleys; and some dubious waterfalls. Eventually, I found the GROOVY green tangle! Just 2 bunches; with Spitters; and Cuttletrunks. I ninja’d what I needed.

Edit: tangle, not thorns!

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Yea I have a farm for the light blue ancient wood. There’s portals at ps and Ultima. The one at Ultima actually has a sign saying what it’s for. The ps one does not

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Im kinda on the edge do i wanna use farms for those. I maybe go have a look what they look like :smiley:

I tried to set it up so it obvious where the trunk are at. There’s gleam pieces above them and signs saying where they are on the more challenging one. Also have a spot where to throw the regen bomb as to make both trees regen. Signs for that as well. I do have regen bombs for sale and axes. I don’t expect anyone to buy them. They are just there in case someone left them at home. I wasn’t looking to make a profit off of this. In fact it costs more to keep the portals open then I get in ff lol.


That was an enjoyable read and I can relate…maybe not because I am looking for light blue ancient wood but for rare plants and flowers etc.
Most of the time end up lost in the middle of nowhere wondering why people complain about not finding secluded areas. Then find a lonely house which gives the yellow dot and not being able to find the portal…probably because it’s locked…for good reason. Now I am no super oortian woman so my exploration generally ends with dying a few time :scream:

On the positive side, you get to see all these hidden builds, come across lonely players who are all to happy to show of their work and cover you with gifts. Making new friends who I will most likely not see again anytime soon but it’s all worth it.

Can you call it a productive way to play? Not really… I tend to end up tossing things out my storage because I have to make choices what to keep and take home…I need a RUCKSACK or bigger stacking for wood and stone maybe :smiley: Still all worth it though!

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Heh i can relate! im totally explorer i actually one day spend an hour gathering branch funguses underwater haha. Some would say thats just stupid.
I picked up many souvenirs like today a pink/white glowy shroom looks nice ^^.

I have two of the trees under protection. Not really a farm as we don’t have regen bombs or anything and there is no portal to it.

I kinda dont like farms anyways.
It takes away a lot from the game.

Oh yes the glowing ones are so pretty to put in the garden. I don’t have the heart to break it for the lamellas.

Ye tell me about it!
When flan and other planets went live i was first (or at least 2nd)on flan and gathered all shiny shrooms with my shovel :smile:

XxymoxX is correct… But I think we have 7 trees actually. The farm is in progress. Will be both regen and non-regen options. These puppies are indeed very difficult to find.

Yeap kinda cant blame people selling them 15c a pop :smiley:

Nope, are you looking to buy some?

15c? Crazy. I know it’s empty right now but I was selling it at 8c when I had extra. I don’t even use my own farm anymore now that I got what I needed lol.

I know how you feel ive spent two days on storriss II and found two ancient trees

Stopped kinda randomly at quebec and there was some crazy prices

Ok now thats bad luck. Although those at least have a actually a whole tree of them :smiley: higher tiers have like “yes theres your 2 trunks from this tree”

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