Oortian mini-games - make your own platforming race in your beacon area!

Will we have some fun mini-games in oort such as platformer inspired races?

I think there should be an option to make a beaconed area a “racing course”. by making a racing course beacon, you can determine a “starting area” and “ending area”. once a set amount of players all stand in the starting area, grappling hooks will be disabled, and they will be locked in place and there will be a 3 seconds countdown -
And the race will begin! they will slide, jump over platforms, bounce and avoid spikes and lava… and the first one to reach the ending point will be declared as the winner and will get a certain prize that is determined by the player who made the racing course!

I think having such a system will be extremely fun

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fun bút overly complicated no? wouldnt it just be easier for people who participate to agree on the terms before they run?

making racing tracks or obstacle courses is an epic idea, but would having a system specifically for locking people in place and counting the go and to line be neccesary?

i think it would be cool if you could link 2 blocks or lines or whatever as start and finish and when you cross the start line a sort of counter starts which lasts until the person hits the endline, but even that might seem a tad too much.

i dunno.

If you make your race a competition, we need some kind of a system to prevent people from cheating…

if you have people looking it would be pretty damn hard to cheat, if people use grappling hooks it would be kinda obvious. or you could force people to unequip their grappling hooks and leave them somewhere before starting,

but i really think allowing things such as grappling hook and mounts would be an on/off option for beacons. if not then im pretty sure alot of people would protest, would be kinda annoying to have an inn and then suddenly a person pulls a horse out xD

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Yeah I’m not too stoked on minigames in oort. Minigames were MC’s thing because MC itself got boring to most people. I hope oort isn’t boring so we dont even need these.

But having the possibility to have them would give nice room for off-line fun und also good for the community :wink:

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I belive that is completely wrong.
Minecraft had player-made mini-games because mini games are extremely fun and people loved them

Also, the player-made mini games are a part of minecraft, they are not a seperate game. people who enjoy mini-games in minecraft are people who enjoy minecraft, so you can’t say they found the game “boring”.