Oortian Slingbows Forge Shop Opening

Hello everyone!

Despite the lack of feedback regarding the prices topic that I made yesterday, I am opening the shop today :smiley:!

This is a soft opening so expect more fine tuning in the future - please give your feedback in game or on forum/discord regarding the forges, prices of slings, prices of request baskets, and etc.

This shop focuses on high damage close range slingshots (shotguns) and lower damage far range slingbows (snipers) to cover all of your hunting needs.

Given the nature of forging and the inherent traits of each gem sling type, expect some degree of variability in the forges. I will guarantee though:

No quirks
No defects
No useless boons

And for the best results, combine the slingshots with brews and augments!

The shop is located in the Sunset Forge Market.

And while you’re here, give the baskets a look to help make my life a little bit easier!

Thanks for your time!

A big, huge thank you goes to @HOST and @May-L04 for inspiring the idea, providing the shop space, and dropping a truckload of slings on me to help accelerate the forging process <3


Welcome to the SUNSET FORGE MARKET :sunny: :sunrise: :sunrise_over_mountains:

I’m glad you’re part of the market :blush: I hope you gonna have good sales :slight_smile:


Coming to check it out :slight_smile:

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Where did you go? Was looking for you after that pm :laughing:

I’m that kinda shopper… go in, buy what i want and then leave lol :smiley:

The place looks great! We will have to swing by and check it out.

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Appreciate the kind words! Feel free to send me your feedback if you have any comments :smiley:

I thought you wanted to buy some but was too broke - misunderstanding on my part. Just logged back in so didn’t go to the shop but thanks for your business! :smiley:

Spent most of my coin at your place… lol
Wasn’t looking for freebies :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I’ll test them out later

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Be sure to send any feedback you have :smiley:

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By no means am I a master forger buuut let me showcase some of the slings in my shop. This is not everything and I keep adding more so stop by every now and then and check the collection. Something will catch your interest and match your preferences!

Wildstocks hit like a truck… so why can’t you too? Pair this beast with a speed brew and possibly a range augment and slap the wildstocks back.

You like munching on pies. I get it. But now you’re too slow eh? Get this sling - Combining Dmg, multishot, and the slow and steady perk, you should be able to kill the charging Wildstocks in time… or at least buy yourself some time and get out of their way xD
(For some reason, the slow and steady boon name doesn’t show up in the description).

Who said only Oortians teleport in this Boundless universe? Being 20g lighter, reaching 24m farther, and travelling at 100 m/s total, your shots can also teleport to that annoying roadrunner.
(Got closely-forged Diamond and Emerald batches to this one atm)

This one required the stars to align and a meteor to pass in the sky the moment it was forged not because of an exceptionally-high forge level but due to the traits combination. It is just pure fun where it combines damage, speed, and multishot.
(Got a close Diamond one batch to this one atm). Can be combined with a strength brew for example.

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Also, for anyone wondering what my “Highlights” shopstands are all about, mainly they are shopstands with unique sling traits in their category (shotgun/sniper/etc). They don’t necessarily have to be better as that goes mainly back to your preferences of what a sling should be able to do. These stands just have a unique combination of traits. I personally like them but also use slings out of the regular stands.

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Made with the upcoming T7 hunts in mind, this sling has extra damage, multishot, and max level 5 weaken effect that weakens the attacks of the enemies. Should come in handy on a T7 planet.

If you took the fight to the ground and you’re not using your grapple, consider holding this in your other free hand. Maxed kinetic and impulse armor boon and maxed light - a supporting sling basically. Made from Amethyst so you don’t use it mistakenly. Went to great lengths to not have any other boons on it and keep it clean xD

For the Crit damage lovers out there. Trying it out on Sapphire. If you want it on other bows and you prefer this forge, do inform me about it. Feedback helps me know what forges are preferred so I can apply them on all gem slings! Find it on the snipers sapphire shopstand.


A second shot from me at “support” slingbows to be held in the second hand. This one is a debuffer. The description doesn’t show it but it applies Slow (slows enemies) and applies Weak (weakens enemy attacks). It is also a multishot so it rains shots on the field. I tried it and it applies even on enemies who’s armor blocks your shot (think elite cuttles for example). Good for when enemies have big health (T7s for example) and you want to soften them up until they’re downed. Find it on the support slings shopstand:

Dat#0718. Hit me up and we can have a chat about forged bows one day.
Can show you my go to’s and forging method.


Gooood day all!

So based on the received feedback, it seemed like heavy projectile wasn’t well-received on the shotguns. So now all the shotgun gem types have (Multi + Dmg + Action speed). Prices were changed to reflect this - consistency to produce those shotgun slings (Thanks to Quiethunter’s enlightenment xD).

Still waiting on more feedback regarding desired boons on Sniper shotguns. Until then, an assortment of useful sniping boons will be on the slings. Thanks!

To me, a Sniper is a single shot not a shotgun. That being said I would say that action speed, distance and damage would be my ideal one.

Hey hey Xxymoxx! Good to see you around! :smiley:.

These are the new shotguns (multi + dmg + action speed).

I do have another row of snipers with varying boons such as Speed, Projectile, Range/Dmg and etc and they are all indeed 1 shots :smiley:. I was just wondering which boons people preferred more on them (range or damage, etc).

I use those two:

  • shotgun: multi + dmg + action speed
  • sniper: range + dmg + action speed
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