Oortian Starscript

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you guys. do you remember this?

i was really interested in this and you said you would give some more info on it like 3 months ago xD

so anything you can tell about it? cause i think it looks amazingly cool

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Hey! That was a very early mockup to give us internally a feel about how the UI could look. It was early, but we always favour showing you guys stuff even if it’s not going to exactly end up looking exactly like what we’re showing.

We’re not working on the Starscript right now, but we’ll share something cool when we’ve got something cool to show :smile:

(Worth pointing out that what’s coming will be cooler than that)

please make this the UI for combining portals to worlds. it looks so amazing >.<

It’s cool, but it can be cooler. We have high standards :smile:


dang. any info on how the portals will connect to worlds yet or are you still working out details? like when i start in the game and get the stone if i make a portal will it be completely random or?

i would love the idea of making a portal to a world that isnt explored at all and you have no idea what is going on, though that must be kinda hard since they arent randomly generated, i just hope you stick to the idea of daily / weekly worlds :smiley:

From that old mock-up the only thing I can imagine being waaay cooler is if you can actually observe the different worlds in their orbits using a telescope, looking up at the night sky. Even as just an aesthetic that would be a nice detail.