Oortian Tech for Finding Minerals and Caves

I searched, I promise. But I’m wondering if we’ve talked about a system for identifying minerals underground (much like we can on Earth today).

I’m envisioning maybe a tool that you power with an Oort shard and imbue with a specific mineral you are seeking and it can sense the presence of that mineral withing a 100 block radius (in all directions). That would at least help a miner find and begin to harvest things like gold, silver, coal, etc.

The same sort of tool could be configured (or another tool) to sense voids underground. So if you’re standing on top of a giant cave system, you can dig straight down to gain access, etc.


I mentioned something similar in a thread about ideas for wearable items.
While I obviously like the idea I think an aura with a 10 block radius would be enough. After all we don’t have such tool in Minecraft and still are able to mine relative comfortably.

The idea with the ability to sense underground voids is pretty cool, I´d like to see something like this as racial trait for a mole or bat based race.


One thing I’d point out about minecraft is that it’s underground mining is one of the most boring traits it has (at least when you look at it on an industrial level). When it comes to the materials basically you’re either toiling a long time in a grid like format mine or you’re stripping out a cave. The grid like mining style is monotonous, but you can do it virtually forever, and it generally has higher yields over time. Cave stripping, while slightly more interesting, is similarly boring. It eventually becomes you checking off every single little avenue of an already lit up cave, and stripping out materials as you go. Both of these tasks felt like work, and are one of the contributing reasons why I don’t really play minecraft anymore. The one way in which I think oort can avoid this toil is to add more underground structures to find (like mineshafts, but with larger variety and occurence) and to add more mining mechanics. Something like this would hopefully make mining a little more time efficient, and make your time feel more rewarding. I’d also like to see some kind of automated system, maybe more explosives mining, and much more underground hazards (mobs, cave ins, lava pockets, your next door neighbor phil etc.)


Interesting idea.


It would be cool if the scanning tool just give you a direction in which it sensed the ore. On this way it would still be a help, but also a bit based on luck when digging. The idea to have to fuel it is great. On this way each player would have to chose if using this mechanic for targeted digging or if just go out by luck to find good stuff by chance without paying any cost for it :wink:


If you got a direction, it would not be too hard to triangulate (sp?) The exact location. While this would certainly be useful, it may be a tad OP. I’d like a simple proximity indicator that indicated 100m-50m-10m and could be dialed in on specific mineral types (ex metals, minerals, carbon-based, radioactive, etc) and not specific ores. Is that a massive node of gold, or just iron? Only one way to find out!


What if the direction is not 100% accurate? :wink: … Also, if someone triangulates he also has to pay the double or triple amount of fuel.

To have it sorted in groups (metals or minerals or…) would also be a good thing if it’s coming to op capabilities :wink:


I love the idea that the tools works on mineral types instead of specific minerals themselves. And you’re right @Vastar, a much smaller proximity range would work well also.

As havok said, it seems like a system that might be slightly too OP, while the MC players says its boring because it takes time i think that is kinda fair, it SHOULD take time to find materials (to keep a stable amount of them coming) but i can understand the whole part of digging out an entire mine is overkill, without having tools it should atleast be semiobvious where they are, forexample metals should spawn in veins with atleast one of the blocks outwards, something along the lines of trove which does it quite simply and quite well

The minerals are always at the surface

however i can see the charm of having it hidden and as such i think it would be great with a sort of pulse sphere tool

The idea would be having a sphere that could be configured to react on specific items (metal, gems, wood) which maybe went out 10 - 15 blocks in all directions and if it doesnt hit anything it just pulse back in and disappears, however if it DOES hit something if would give a ping sound and move back in earlier, this would mean that the metal it hit could be touching any one part of the sphere, this would allow for a helping hand in finding materials, but without turning overpowered where you can just find all materials with ease :slight_smile:

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That could be a lot of fun!

WoW has a similar system (archaeology) that is pretty enjoyable