Oorty doll forge station

you add oorty ingredients and change the shape of it’s head or body depending on the ingredients used! you use the ingredients for example (head shaper points) you would use head shaper compounds or something and end up with a head shape and use other altering ingredients and show the oorty! you can also use body shapers (height and type) to change it! then there’s a theme and weapon changer. you insert a weapon and the oorty holds it. The theme is wether it’s from an event or just plain (Halloween oorty without the button eyes and the nail in it) Would be so exciting!

here’s a rough sketch of the interface

crafting a bottle opener head lovestruck oorty with a totem in this interface. there’s many combinations to be done! it’ll open up an entirely new economy on collector oorties and their crafting ingredients! people will love custom oorties! and that’ll be an anticipated feature for the entire dev team! @james and @leahlemoncakes I would like collector oorties and would make an oorty selling town :slight_smile:

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