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Anyone find any white growth?

3 portals dormant & paid for, outside TNT Cardass

For those just seeing this now:

there IS still some petroleum left on the planet. Just went by some a few minutes ago and didn’t take any of it. :+1:

And DO NOT forget your +2 volatile protection soup stuff if you only have the 5 points put into it on your skill page like I did at first. Hahaha

Any blink left?

114,845 … Blink is pretty spread out all over the planet, so doesn’t get cleaned out as fast

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I’ll donate you some :slight_smile: This planet s made for your build :wink:
I don’t think I ever saw so many golds on a planet


I THOUGHT I noticed some while running around mapping, under the surface of the water a bit in one spot, it sort of pinged on my radar because I am putting biome names now to places in my head as I go and thought, that is Mouldy Sea I think… but I could be remembering that totally wrong. I’ll go back and run around and look next time I’m on, if I find it will farm it for you and post the location! :slight_smile:

Edit: Oops, it was sponge and mould in that biome that I saw, not growth. :flushed: I’ll keep keeping an eye out though!


I have no intention of selling them, since I have some white builds in mind, but out of curiosity, what is the market price of this white stone?

I mean, other than “why would you sell it when Stretchious needs it?”

3c on active exo 4-5c on inactive exo is my selling price

what seems to be the fair price so far for white for a while

i do like to say it also depends if we get any white rock unlock(i do feel it coming)
and on how many times we get the white rock exo popup meanwhile i has stands with 9c before for white rock and got sold fast due to the high demand when we had no exos for a while


Cold Tan Foliage floating mountains/islands loc

-1474N -225E

clay gravel gleam wood etc -723n -1089e alt: 122

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