Option to load Different Sanctuary?

Inspired by another thread, I would like to request the option to have the default sanctury loaded instead of the custom ones for the seasons and events.

The current Gleambow Sanctum makes me feel uneasy. I have to be careful where I look in this current one. I am not a fan of the flooring, it’s unpleasantly disorienting and I wish I didnt have to look at the weird floor when using the sanctum, I try to close my eyes and/or look away from my monitor and move to where I hear the portal.

Just a little queasy. Just a tad. Not liking the flooring.

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Use this file (it goes in \Boundless\assets\sanctum)


it will revert the sanctum to normal for you


Thank you for the help. I’m busy mining and I can check it out later. Thx so much!

turn on debug menu in settings then press f1 then sanctum edit

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Ooooo I see the old sanctums from past events!
selects Halloween
then “Return to Game using this Sanctum”

Oh nice! This is super cool! My eyes are very happy.


I want this

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I edited title to ‘Different’, instead of ‘Default’.
I hadnt thought of console until you posted that. I can now imagine how nice it would be if Console players could have an option to load different sanctuaries.


@georgegroeg made the Halloween sanctuary btw

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Do you find this an effective means of getting devs to listen to ideas? Just curious.

It’s just a harmless meme. I’m sure @James doesn’t mind. But since this is OT let’s take it to PMs if you’d like to discuss.