Orbital space station

The ability to build a space station that will orbit whichever planet we choose.

With artificial gravity and air generator

Space suit armor


That would be pretty cool if we could do that. I think it might be a possibility in the future. Who knows.

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Be cool if Orbital Space station could be made or used to circle planet of your choice and give you place to manage items offline or even areas to build? Idk just throwing some additional ideas out there.

Was thinking of building one on a planet but the slight possibility I could build one outside of a planet is holding me back. Even if it’s next year I would still wait to build it. Then sell my house so I can get my plots back lol.

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I would love to see this too! I posted a few ideas for something like this a while back here:

I think my favorite idea from that post is probably having the “space beacon” that establishes your settlement blast off into space like a rocket, looking like a meteor in reverse :slight_smile: