Order fulfilled

I am looking to buy a large number of Sapphire hammers capable of mining T5. They need to have the AOE and durability mods.

As I have been shown, I think this should be:
Damage: 8
AOE: 4
Durability: 4 minimum but 6+ preferred
If that is wrong I would appreciate correction.

If they had quirks with increased action speed while full reduced stamina drain while full that would be cool but as I understand quirks are hard?

I’ve been paying anywhere from 6500-8500 at different shops for hammers with similar stats.

Is this a realistic work order? would 20 hammers for 150k be considered fair?

I’ll try to make some and keep you posted about it

9 hammers cooking :slight_smile:


Superman shop Hamburg mall

Ok thanks.

Cuetzpalomitl has taken on the order for me so thank you again. This order can be considered filled.