Order of protection paste vs fate paste


I am new at Centraforge use and have read a few threads in the forum and watched also some videos. There I did see that in most cases the protection paste is applied BEFORE the fate paste which gives 3* prot and 5* fate for the following compound. Wouldn’t it make more sense to go for fate first and then protection to have 4* and 4* for both? I believe I did even get more vigour when using a catalyst to reset when both pastes have 1-2 rounds left instead of prot going out and having only 2* fate left.

Is there a special reason to do prot paste before fate ? I guess that there is no official docs for alll those compounds, pastes etc…just trial and error with every new patch?


Fate Paste uses stability, IIRC.


Fate paste protects against bad RNG rolls. You should use it before a compound versus a paste or gum otherwise you are just wasting a portion of it.

Edit: I generally don’t go for perfect tools and long forges. So if this is strictly an endurance question on how to maintain a longer forge to get higher boons, I am not sure of the correct answer.


Assuming I remember everything correctly…

Protection paste reduces stability spent, whereas fate paste gives better RNG with rolls.

If you applied fate paste first, you would be wasting one round applying stability paste, since there is no RNG with adding paste.

However, the other way around, adding stability paste first reduces stability cost for fate and gets more bang for your buck.


I am coming through the same right now. As all people say Protection Paste reduces stability loss. So is good to use before applying:

  • Pastes
  • Boon compounds

Wasted when applying:

  • Gums
  • Catalysts
  • Solvents

I just want to point out, that it sometimes even makes sense is to re-apply Protection paste BEFORE the Protection paste expires because it also consumes Stability.
Seen at @Jiivita video here: https://youtu.be/-ng9if8khWU?t=782

But these things somehow need really practice and calculate your next moves and accompanied Vigor and Stability losses few steps forward, considering possible scenarios - that’s making people good forgers imo.

My best tools are only around rank 200, but I am supper happy on the result.

Also, what all the guides are not showing is, how the things may go wrong and where is the point of deconstructing and starting over.

I wanna “Centraforging Fails” video ! :laughing:


Thank you all for the answers. I did 3 tries with emerald slingbows in the meantime and my best result is

which looks not too bad. I did some experimenting with corrupt compound 1 resp 2 and both versions are ok. I strongly believe we need more slots for different ingredients than the few 10 slots!


Having more slots then ten would make life so much easier… arguably though, maybe too easy. I could mass craft a whole ■■■■ load of rift/blink/umbris items that way, and for some reason I don’t think that’s what the devs are wanting.


Yes, you are certainly correct about not getting more slots. But your reason “…what the developers are wanting”: I have 45 years done software development (mainframe, and sucessful until my retirement) I believed strongly that the users should get what THEY WANT, not what the developers want. I guess, we should better say “… what the business dictates”. But we all are happy Boundless users (I since early 2016) and we hope for the best !


I’d understand that as well. There’s a balance as well though. If they gave everyone what they individually wanted, it would actually end up being pretty unhealthy and would literally defeat itself. The developers do a pretty good job of listening to us though if we have a unified voice (except maybe for pants and the like).

It’s like Developers are adults and the consumers are kids. Sometimes the kids don’t know what is best for themselves. Of course, sometimes it goes the opposite extreme too and then the kids cry out in outrage (like the stone exp fiasco).

That all being said, yeah, “what the business dictates” may be the best way to toe the in-between.


Stone xp was not a fiasco, it was a compromise and a great one. Imagine if they would have done such a compromise with bomb mining, now that WAS a fiasco. Players have come up with some of the core gameplay for Boundless such as meteors, coin machine etc. Meeting your players halfway is an amazing trait on the devs part imo.


Agreed on that. The forums were a fiasco before they compromised though.

I really think the devs handled it all very well. They’re very hands on and active and it shows.

That all being said, I think they may have overshot on the efficiency of forged lucent items.


Dunno how you see this as they halved the XP and left the crafting time the same.

Teaching food was the problem and the only thing that turned it into a fiasco was mis-referencing crafting rock into stone as “an exploit” when it was a side issue to what the devs felt was misuse of teaching food.

Literally nobody got what they were asking for.


You can still get xp and a good amount even without pies, throw pies in and you are getting xp in 70k chunks for little effort with what amounts to side product trash lol. When I was mining on the latest T7s thousands upon thousans of rock was lying on the floor waiting to despawn. The xp needed to be tuned down and it is still easy xp, you can make a super cheap T1 aoe 1 shot hammer and level easy as I stated above. Overall tho we are derailing this post so I digress.


Is this not the definition of a compromise?


People are still max forging Lucent stuff, and in the case of slingbows it is worth it. A max forged Rift slingbow will just about 1 shot anything except Elite special Wildstock XD and that is WITHOUT crit. Throw in bosses such as Titans and Rift slingbows would be worth quadruple their current price as in boss fights DPS is King.


Oh yeah, without a doubt. But I want to be able to craft more then one of these at a time. It’s easier enough to max out one. There’s more money in crafting a smart stack of T6 or T7 hammers though.

The Lucent ones look so pretty too, so I want to be decked out in them haha.


I fully support this statement.

That’s pretty optimistic. it needs a couple of * clauses.

* multi shot required
** On the correct elemental world

Elite, Exotic, Elemental Spitters were taking 30k (crit required) and coming back for more.

(on topic I think the OP got his answer here so not too stressed about some side posts)