Original Forgeries at Nova Golda Market introduces the Budget Line of tools, T6, 3x3, +50 action speed w/ Mega Strength brew for only 5999c!


I am specifically looking for hammers


Ok! Will do those first! Will post here when they are on the stands!


Thank you very much


I don’t know how you can do it all and take my hat off to you. Pain management didn’t work, back to non stop and so can’t play as much and struggle to do just the basics of keep shop stocked and gathering supplies.

How you can do it all with having to deal with chemo and the pain I know you must be having everyday overwhelms me; and has me in awe of you.


Hmpf, got distracted and totally forgot to tell you that I’ve added 27 titanium hammers a few hours ago!


Thank you. Btw you only have the 9 with the quirk on em left.


Lol, ok. Will have to make some more first thing tomorrow!

This morning they were all gone so added 36 more a few hours ago!
Also added more silver ones and titanium axes.

In a bit I will re-stock T6 3x3 diamond hammers with +dura (these have +1800), still for the price of 9999c!


Added titanium tools earlier today and some more just now!
Also added T6 durability hammers, T6 speedy hammers, same for axes. Added T5 speedy shovels. Also added T7 capable speedy and durability tools!

Stock not quite as it should be (I dislike empty shop stands) but better than past few days!

Come buy them before they are gone!


Long weekend!!! Woo! Well, for me anyway, no appointment on Monday. This means I finally have a bit more time/energy to forge some!

And already started with that! Just now added a bunch of T5/T6 +40/+50 action speed hammers and a bunch of +1800 dura hammers.

Also restocked all the silver 3x3 tools!

Other gem tools and titanium/gold ones will be here soon!

All titanium tools restocked! 45 hammers even, go, go buy them!! :slight_smile:

And a whirlwind just Original Forgeries! Thanks to anyone who bought stuff!

Now to forge more titanium hammers and all the other tools that went poof last few hours! :smiley:

Oh the ordeals we have to deal with, sigh :joy:


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Edit: Oops, was tired yesterday and did the wrong thread, meant to post over in Nova Golda and Nova Golda Market Mega Thread :confused:

Moving my original post there.


Good news everyone!

Pretty soon I will be back to my normal self and will be able to play more and, of course, forge a heck of a lot more too!

Stay tuned for filled shop stands on a daily basis!

But… that’s not all!

I’m introducing the Budget Line™ of tools!

3x3, +50 action speed and enough damage to one shot T6 rocks WITH a Mega Strength brew!

Only 5999c!

Only made some hammers for now to test the waters, more will be added, not just diamond ones either!

More to follow tomorrow (also my regular items)…


Glad you are doing better Aenea!!! Also glad you are back with us!!!


Great to hear Aenea, on your always awesome tools of course, but especially glad to hear that you are doing better! :slight_smile:



Had my last treatment this morning and it can become worse, side effects wise, for 1 or 2 weeks still and then the healing of the skin can start which is really needed, haha. At least I’m done with going to hospital every single day now and from now on it can only get better again!



Excellent news! God Bless you Always!