Orijia - On Trior

Hello fellow Boundless addicts!

EDIT: Accidently clicked create post too early, so if anyone saw that, there is more now :no_mouth:
EDIT2: Also, it’s in the SW corner of TNT, not NW. Oops.

@CleoStJames (LyraArendire) and I (Alysteria) have settled in on Trior and made a little home. We are still building up, and going at our own pace, but I wanted to show off a little bit now that Lyra has finished her fountain and laid our her shop :smiley:

Also, after the closing of Boundless Plaza, I have installed a mini-hub:

We have a TNT link and a handful of available portal slots for anyone local to plug in and piggyback :wink:
You can find it from the TNT side in the SW corner, up at the top of the general player portal area, labeled Orijia. You will see something like this as you pop through:

There is also a little shopping you can do! I sell tech related items (Metals, Alloys, Coils), while Lyra is building up a larger shop; we mostly fill it with hard coal and gemstones right now and are slowly expanding.

We’re small, but awesome! And friendly. So come check us out sometime!