Ornate Stone Boxes - Black - 99c each

I made way more than I will use myself, so put 400 up for sale at my shop for 99c each. VB rocket shop reachable by PS Hub Boori portal.


bought 24, thank you!

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Saw your screenshot from another post, they look good =)

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Thanks and thanks :slight_smile: No idea how much they could be worth but I thought 99c was too good to pass up overbuying some :fist:

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I just guessed at the price, so honestly not sure… I might be high or low, I guess time will tell :crazy_face: but I had all of the stuff on hand to make a bunch so it isn’t a loss even if I am under-priced. I thought I would use more myself, but then once I started redoing my storage area I realized I made way too many for what I needed to use.

And I just bought 200! These will be great on Dzassak, with all the natural white-grey colours. øwøb

Thank you!

200? :astonished: You must have a ton of stuff to store!

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Hopefully you have some left when I get home.

Edit:cleared the rest from the shop stand

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I had started like 60 total mass crafts when I first started, so they aren’t even all done yet. As they finish I will keep adding them to the shop stand since I saved the ones I needed.

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Personally i think its a bit low price… considering its ornate. But really nice that you put some out there! :slight_smile:


Might be a bit low :slightly_smiling_face:, compared to others prices I have seen I guess… but just using up supplies I already had so no loss.

I added some more to the shop stand, and will continue to add them as they finish.


If you sell them for 150 you still will be cheap.
Don’t be shy and value your products. They will fly off the shelves (or should I say stands) even at 200 each. :sunglasses:

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you selling them way too cheap, its end game storage boxes, so same as advanced coils or diamont/gem tools, no matter you made them from mats you had - recalculate it for market price of all mats you are using, i think 300c each is more fair price, for other sellers

bet for coins you got from selling them you won’t be able to craft same amount from mats you have to buy from shopstands - price your work, materials and other crafters

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Honestly if you were to buy all the mats to make them yourself even on the higher end of prices it would cost you about 112c per box and low end would be around 80c. So I think they have them priced accordingly.

Tho with this update prices on the base mats might increase due to the higher usage. So it’s hard to say what they will be worth after the increase of mats that’s bound to happen.

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Home from work, so took a few mins to price things out. I have not bought any of these mats, but I think I am estimating prices on the high side of their market value per item (or close to correct). Even at the high side of what I think each mat is worth I come out to a price per Ornate box of about 60c… and I think after the tax I get 92c of the 99c asking price I sold them for. So if anything I might have been a bit high looking at it now.


unless my math is wrong somewhere…


He could buy these materials from my shop stands right now and be making a profit.

(8c) 4 x Any Refined Rock 2c Each
(60c) 2 x Any Precious Alloy 30c Each
(9c) 1 x Glue 9c Each
(11.4c) 6 x Nail 1.9c Each
(5.4c) 6 x Wax .9c Each

93.8c total cost (single craft)

He’s invested spark, time, machine wear , etc…

Nothing wrong with this price at all.

Do you now?

Posted at almost exactly the same moment, you’re doing it right man carry on :grin:

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Yea I went off high end and higher end I guess lol. It’s just there will always be people who want to over charge for brand new items to make quick coin instead of taking the time to look at the mats and how much they are worth to price items.


He posted solid numbers for value to mass craft yourself, I think.

I posted mid-market numbers for value to single craft from retail.

I wouldn’t normally do a price breakdown in someone else’s selling thread but that post was pretty aggressive.


Yea that’s why I said something too. But as I’m not in game and haven’t kept up with current market prices very well since I wasn’t playing the past couple months I did rough estimates from what I remember.

so its 6c income per piece, great

so if i want to go to exo t7 - 3400c
get t7 forged hammer to gather anything - 8k per piece - need 3 min.

so for 1 trip i need around 27.4k

so to cover my trip i need to craft and sold 4566 storage boxes

im wondering - do all you items are sold with minimal income?

oh and you forgot 1 thing - i need exo rocks to make white ornate stones, that why im posting exo trip costs