Ort bags and ort shelves


The ort bag goes in your invantory. it takes up 4 slots. it has 3 slots for items and one slot for ort shards.
The ort shelves are made of pure ort and the top left slot is reserved for an ort shard bag location marker. but otherwise is the same as shelves.
when the ort bag is filled and the shards burned all the items in the bag teleport to the linked shelves.
@james we need this!
say I’m on an exo-planet that I spent 5000c to get to. instead of traveling home to empty my invantory then paying another 5000c to get back I can burn shards to teleport things home.


I was confused at first, but you’re suggesting an item teleporter, right? That could be nifty. They could link just like portal conduits using tokens, and share inventory. I like it.


exactly! it would save lots of footwork.