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Are there NO other players? I’m completely shocked that I found all servers are empty.

There are players that might live in different time zones than you do. Also what servers do you play on?

I am getting on now, I am on the East coast of the US - and I know what you mean…all the servers say “quiet” all the time. I wish they would say how many players are online or something.

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EU Servers. They are all empty but one with 3 other players. You can see online players by pressing “.” 2 times.

Prior to the Steam launch the servers used to say how many people were on them. My guess is that it was changed so that players spread out more rather than gravitating to just one or two servers.

yea but it sure does make it lonely :confused:

0 players spread on all servers are still 0 players :smiley:

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we were only minutes ago building with people at Folva capital

Some people have different experiences but I’ve always been fine playing on all of the servers, even those in different regions. Recently Gihhs, Agabab and Wardin has seen 2 or 3 or 4 people on at a time while Ruchs has had 4+ although that is more late evening and night European times.

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There are currently 13(!!) players online. That’s quite… shocking.

Well there are a lot of servers and not so many players at the moment but everytime i log in on Folva there are at least 2-3 people there and at peaktimes we can be 6-8 players :smiley:

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For a steam game it’s obviously dead.

it is prAlpha what do you expect?
Baby steps then toddler steps then …TITAN \o/

If you want to find people to play with you are in the right place to ask :smile:

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Well, there is only a few thousand supporters so far, if say 50% play every day (quite a high percentage) and they all play at different times a day each on different servers, it can be surprising how sparse the place can feel.


They used have more people playing. When I started Uliap had 18 people on its server ,but for the most part I do find it kind of dead. Whether im playing during the day, morning, or night its kind of hard to find people on any server and iv stayed up till like 8am on different occasions before just to find people however it wasn’t like a everyday thing nor was it a 24 hour gaming session.

Other people tend to be on more when new updates come out and as more updates come I’m hoping it will boost the game population more. Having frequent updates might help with this as players will have more to do in the earlier stages of the game. Even if there only once a month which the devs have been doing okay with now XD. So as long as they can keep it up or possibly improve things should get better. :3

A lot of Earlier access game on that show improvement and are good tend to have an okay game population on steam for the most part. From what I think and for as what other players have told me for the reason why they stopped playing is mostly for they lack of progress over time or something along those lines. Which might of hurt the game a little I got the game in Aug of last year and not much had happened for a few months other then bug fixes that I can remember, but they have been getting much better at that in the last few months. So if they could keep it up at the way its going the game might take off better after a few more updates.

And to my understanding the team wasn’t all that big so you also have to take that into consideration too.

Nah, it’s just been unusually quiet the past few days. The big texture update had a ton of us on for about a week, I think some people just got a little Oort-ed out for the moment.

And like the others have said, it’s pre-alpha, what did you expect? You’ll find a handful of really dedicated builders, a lot of people are waiting for certain features to release before they really dive in. :smile:


I believe there are a few strong issues, yet all addressable…
-lack of self adjustable beacons, currently just not convenient
-in game alt-tab to Steam, view players option not working. Such an easy way to see who is on and to add friends in Steam
-no “real” in game communication. Voip, world chat option… ( highly contested)

  • pre-alpha
    -too much change to fast… (for some!?)
    -only 8k owners of the game world wide, some only as trailblazers
    -so much space, its kinda nice to claim your own piece of a world rather than to bunch up
    -greatly different build styles
    -themed sometimes needs room
    -people are shy
    As said, request a freind in the forums!
    If you build it they will come!
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way to high I would go with max 15-20% the rest tried it once maybe longer but didn’t play since then, waiting for bigger updates.

I agree with this statement. It seems that even when many people are online, everyone wants their own cut of the world and to be left alone to it. Because of this, people are segregating themselves from a community.

If you want to see people, then either join a de-griefing team or create a community project. Right now @DarkRepulsor and I are calling upon people to build around server Ruchs. We have two cities underway with a quick road between them and we are calling on others to place a beacon near us (back-to-back if possible) and build more towns and cities. My location is -185, 71, 285 if you want to see the current project and Dark is just north of me. We also have a forum discussing the project: Jam session on Ruchs - all welcome!


I second this. I too tend to go farther away from already established players to claim my own piece of land (preferably out of sight of other buildings). However, it’s nice (and convenient) to set up a way to quickly travel to a more populated area. I did exactly this on Cshrime where I’m playing.

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