Other Players?

I’m kind of confused. Any time I go on Oort I cant find anyone! Why time do people usually play? :lester:

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I am on currently building on Folva. Have been online since 8 this morning

i think the peak players for the game are 13 at once, but already now there are 603 billion square meters of land. if you want to find people you need to ask around :smile:

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I think it’s just because the game is under development/test/implementation/ etc. the game isn’t finished at all, and we are here because we think that Oort will be a great game! I’m sure that when the game will be officially released will be normal to meet a lot of people at any time :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve already met people online, so you probably just need to teleport to other worlds ^^

An easy way to meet people is passing trough the forum, asking if someone is online in your world/server or organizing “building event” :slight_smile:

Would any of you like to play on iielo? I’ve currently got a house near capital.

:lester: :smile:

sorry I have something to finish for a friend but you are welcome to visit

Ok. :lester: :smiley:

We on Ruchs have a group that plays in the evening US time. If you go southwest of the Ruchs capital, you’ll find our builds.

I don’t know why there are so many worlds right now, it really spreads out the possible community.

Each world represents different sorts of terrains and other random aspects of the world generation software. Some have water, some don’t. Some have magma, some don’t. Merfi is almost entirely a desert. Nasag is a water world. All of these have to be play-tested and feedback provided to the developers.

The current population is that small percentage of adventurous souls who will throw money in the kitty long before the game is ready for prime-time. We’re testers who have paid for the privilege.

I like that I can find a place to build where others won’t come in and get in the way. (I find Ruchs horribly crowded…no room to stretch out.) I’ve covered a good bit of [redacted] with various villages, mansions, a university campus, a shopping mall, a town where ice cream is worshiped as a god, a glass-bottomed maze, and all sorts of other things that come to mind as I tell the story of a civilization that thrived, but disappeared long before we Oort-splorers arrived.

I did find one player who got fairly close to where I’m building and put up a seriously magnificent bridge–well, almost did. I completed the last little bit. I like it a lot. It spurred me to an entirely new run of building that hasn’t stopped yet. I wish whomever it was would come back so we could build some more structures like it.

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Just checked out some of your builds on Ruchs, nice!

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Playing in Wardin mostly. EU afternoon / evening. :heartpulse:

Best Wishes


I’m also confused by the fact that the community of Oort watchers on Steam is in the tenthousands. Simultaniously there are thousands of people actually ingame at the same time (according to Steam), which is A LOT. So worlds are vast and many are looking out for a place to settle. Build density is quite tight near capitals. And one would have to wander for a while to find a unique and untouched place to build ones home.

On worlds that don’t have expansive prairie areas it can be a challenge. I started on Lotad and it’s just tough to build there without a commitment to either flattening large areas or filling in gaps. Other worlds remind me of Virginia or Scotland or Ireland–I build there, away from the capitals.

Looking for a group of people that play with teamspeak 3! just bought the game. =) pm me the info. <3

Because 70% of those people have only played for maybe 30 minutes of gameplay before quitting, anyone who has less then 3 hours hasnt really touched the game or seen enough to be on or just doesnt have the time to play alot, check some of their game hours, heck some of the reviews had people who have only played for a mere 10 minutes XD, the oort watchers are just small backers who are waiting for the full release of the game, currently i would say their are 50 active monthly, including newcomers, 15 per 2 weeks and maybe 4 doing mega builds atm

Jep, most people (like me as well) wait for the release of some more features before begin gaming again. Me for example will be online again if the chests, more recipes, creatures, some more weapons, self-made beacons and a better HUD is implemented. But my hopes are high as the mass of my time and work here in the forum proves :wink:

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Another good place to find where people are building: