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Never mind. My idea was that you would but “roof” to whole island. But i kinda noticed alrdy when i wrote it that there would be no reflection of the island on water.


So I did a combo video this time since, while @Zina 's Jurassic Boundless is really awesome, a video it does not fill hehe, so i finally got around to going over some of the awesome bits of info that can be found the the debugging menu to make your life more convenient ^^

3:55 - Debugging Menu

Simoyd’s threat audio alert post (Demo Only For Now):


That’s too kind Jiivita. The adult roadrunner is suppose to look like a partially completed dig site. Your spot on.

The debugging is great in site for many who may never has used it before. Awesome vid.

Always check out his vids in high def. Jiivita is great about really good quality video. He doesn’t use a cell phone taped to a cup sitting in front of his monitor, not that I admit to doing that myself.


OK, here’s a crazy one… We explore the possibility of gaming the tool breaking feats to quickly level characters. This was dubbed “The Misadventure” by: Card The Hobbyist. (Discord) who provided the concept for this video ^^


Ah yes of course - you die on purpose until stack of tools is on verge of breaking and then you use them and lose them quick.
On the same front: there is this thing with gatherer/miner feats, when you have your basic amount of collected items and then you place them in your storage blocks or machine/crafting table and break the storage unit. As items fall out, you collect them and it counts towards the feats. Never used it myself - not on purpose; only found out how it works when moving my machine room and storage.


Honestly I did this on one of my 6 characters. I called it power leveling. Which it wasn’t really. Just one feat.To me it was so much of a pain in the butt, I didn’t even do it on any other character. There is a lot of crafting, making space for that many tools etc. There is actually hours involved.

In the end I think it’s a 100% WORTHLESS feat, because as players level, they move on to stronger tools, and then take durability as well. Long story short, no one will ever get that feat unless they resort to this type of trick to get it. It’s not a rewarding fulfilling feat. It actually becomes impossible to get, especially if your not a gatherer.


you bring up some excellent points there @Zina… i consider myself and avid miner but i’ve only broken 125 hammers according to the feat :rofl: i was even a prolific user of stone tools and today i mostly use iron… though i suppose that was mostly back before the feats even existed… so most of my breakage wasn’t recorded i guess :thinking:


I’m a bit distracted by the new update on Testing - almost forgot to post this… check it out the update when you get a chance ^^


Busy busy Saturdays, so i’ll let the videos speak for themselves =P


Nice videos… that is pretty informative about the skill trees. I love how they got redone and how more simplified they are. :smiley:


so finally no more needed inventory leveling? … Is it at max now from the start?


yes you get 4 rows of inventory from start





:rofl: That’s awesome! Thanks for pointing that out, i didn’t even notice. I guess I’m too use to having max inventory ><


lol i think he’s happy… is he happy? I’m not sure… 12 sob emotes?.. i mean if there were 13 then i would be certain, but with 12? maybe he’s mildly amused?



I am so haaaapppy!!! I don’t have to worry about inventory space anymore!!! Oh ma gawd!!!


He is so happy that he has niagara falls of tears coming from his face … tears of happiness! ^^


I really like the new choice aspect of the tree.
Good games are all about interesting and tough choices.
They tried to do that with skill point increases in the old tree but you could just throw massive amounts of skill points at it and get it anyway.
I think the new system works much better in communicating the design intent.


This patch was sneaky in its size and time needed to show off =P lol

This one shows off the new amazing doors and most of the cool stuff added in Release 194



Cleanse Points from leveling still cap at 3. :grin:


:poodle: i was looking forward to being able to stockpile them :rofl: