P.U.R.E hunt

I don’t have you guys on discord so I figured I’d come here and a few would read it.

THANK YOU FOR THE HUNT!!! First time with that many of you guys, that ended maybe 20 minutes ago on Delta!

Whoever was our leader in that, @anon42939288 Thank you for never leaving anyone behind and stopping to make sure everyone was still there!!!

Much appreciated!!!


Edit: added namen


The Delta Cancret hunts every weekday are led by Portal Seekers’ own @anon42939288 aka Darkblade.

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Dark blade. Yup that’s his name!!! Thank you! It was chaos with 23(?) Of us haha. A fun chaos! Haha. Thanks Ark!!

Edit: what does the acronym p.u.r.e stand for anyway?


NP i enjoy leading them :slight_smile:


We are from the Portal seekers xd you should ask them on their discord or in-game when you see one.