Package merging

Hi @james I was wondering with the large packages, such as pioneer and above, do the instant access users both get the digital perks such as the increased plot claims and unique in game items or does only one account get them. Second question is if they do both get the digital perks would it be possible to merge two accounts into the pioneer package for example and pay the difference? Thank you for your help :):smiley:

I believe that this has been done in the past, so it could well still be possible. It’s something I was also considering doing as well.

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Yes - each Instant Access user gets all the perks.

Yes - we have merged purchases in the past.

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cool thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @james I recently upgraded / merged two accounts from wayfarer to the pioneer package a day ago now and I have not received any confirmation that my request has been received could your confirm for me that you have received the information. Thank you. :blush:

Accounts: Glychi, glitchedagain
Email the information was sent from:

Thank you for the like on the castle btw!

Thanks. Will get it processed for you later today.

The Castle is impressive!! :+1: :+1:

thanks @james your a leg-end :smile:
thank you very much yeh… going to need those extra plots for another large scale build now your adding more chisels :):star_struck: what are you and the rest of the dev team trying to do me I was already obsessed with chisels if you couldn’t tell :):joy: haha


I bet you are dreaming of spikes by now. :laughing:

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it is hard not to they are gunna be a 100 times spikey-er now lol

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