Paid Twice

I’m not sure where I should be posting this or how I should properly be going about contacting someone so I apologize in advance for just throwing this here with reckless abandon.

I paid twice by accident; first time was the basic $15, and then not knowing how to go about paying the difference for the early access I decided to simply pay again for it. A friend now has shown interest in the game and offered to pay me back to upgrade that initial $15 to an early access for him. Just wondering where to go from here in terms of the exact amount that would be (operating with Canadian dollar currently) and who to contact to make that happen and get that second code.

I suggest changing the tag from “general discussion” to “support”, the devs will notice your post much sooner this way.

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Thanks I will do that now.

To confirm, you own:

  1. 1x Trailblazer.
  2. 1x Explorer.

And you want to sell the Explorer access to a friend?

I purchased 1x Trailblazer and 1x Explorer, I would like to keep my Explorer and pay the difference to upgrade my Trailblazer to Explorer and gift that to a friend. End result being both myself and my friend owning Explorer access.

Simply follow the instructions here:

Pay the difference and well sent you an Explorer key which you can share with your buddy.