Paint Sprayer Idea


I don’t have exact statistics, but I suppose that not many players actually venture out to respray/recolor their base with the current system, being that it’s 1 block at a time and sprays can be quite scarce depending on the color.

My proposition is this: make a tool that we use to spray the blocks that have already been laid, but make it forgeable with aoe and convert current spray cans into color cartridge/augment for that tool. Furthermore, make it so that when spraying with that tool you only use one spray can/cartridge no matter the forge effects. That way we can actually have a viable way to recolor stuff and we can use 1 can to color 9 blocks.



with AOE on a spray can I would expect it to “use” 9 times more dye for each spray too, so its just “faster” rather than unequivocally “better”…


I understand. It would be nice to have a way to multiply the colors though. Because my build is not even that big and I cant imagine how long it would take me to gather enough of a certain color to be able to recolor all of it, not to mention people with way bigger builds. And quite frankly, color doesnt seem like it needs to be that rare and scarce. I dont know, maybe Im wrong though, would like to hear more opinions from other players :slight_smile:


At least having a crafting recipe that uses some rare item to multiply the spray cans would be nice :smiley:


Some ancient tech would be good for that, since I have so much of that stuff right now it’s silly!