Pakrabus B Blink world down? Now all world's are down?

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Is anyone else having trouble getting on the current blink world? when it does occasionally load it kicks me off because of unstable connection then says the world is currently unavailable.

All of the EU planets are a problem for me right now.

yeah i cant seem to get on any planet at the moment

EU planets working for me…

been having major lag issues with biitula and Gyosha on my end…

yeah no it keeps kicking me from my main planet and then no portal will load from sanctum to any world giving me the message ‘unable to connect to world. This world is currently unavailable’

More information is more better folks! Help the devs help you!

People with problems, post your countries, ISP’s, etc. Since most people can visit EU planets problem-free, there is likely a connection problem somewhere :slight_smile:

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I’m US Comcast
Everything was being buggy for me too so I just hopped off for a bit, hopefully it clears up. EU were unplayable lag; even Tana was buggy.

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I’m US Comcast as well but my internet works fine for every other game but this one.

Ditto. But it’s well known that Comcast doesn’t play nicely with boundless during US evenings especially. I still have to get around to switching ISPs. I don’t think the problem will get fixed tbh so I suggest getting rid of Comcast if there are other providers in your area.

I’ve never had an issue during the evening with boundless. and Comcast is bad but its better than the other service providers in my area

Comcast has been unkind to the US players trying to get on Boundless EU servers since the first of the year.

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hmm this is the first time I’ve been having this issue.

You mean since the first of 2019 right? But actually before that even. More like 1 month after launch

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I’ve had some bouts of lag but its never had this much of a issue where none of the planets are
available. and yes this is from launch

I’m not in the USA and I’m having issues with Biitula and Gyosha and I live in Canada… it’s honestly getting annoying but I don’t bring it up because I will automatically be told its my ISP when its not.

I can get on the planets now, but its constantly saying unstable connection. It doesn’t slingshot me but I cant see any other players that are supposedly next to me, there are no wildlife, the day time and night time cycle is constantly switching back and forth. I cant open any menus, or equip any items and my friends who was net to me said I was dead on his screen. I also float high above my base and bounce constantly in place.

now its not even activating the conduits in sanctum. they are just blank and wont activate for a world

I’ve even deleted and redownloaded the game itself

It won’t let me activate the portal on left side which usually opens to where you logged off saying I do not have permission to interact with this beacon and when I try to travel to my home beacon at the right portal where you can travel to a saved Location or a friend it says add portal destination and won’t qxtivate

now I cant load the game as soon as it says I log in it blue screens. I seriously doubt its my internet