[Paradise] - [T1 Placid Lush Sovereign World] - will expire Oct 21st

The planet definitely looks amazing.

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By chance, do you remember any of the biomes you picked for this planet? Thank you in advance!

I have been mostly using these selections:
Lvl 1 Lush
Natural Rivers

Flower Field
Garden Lawn
Grassy Dunes
Palm Desert
Twisted Forest
Gleam Lake

I try not to add more biomes than the minimum suggestion - because when I did, it seemed to kinda mess some biomes up or one that I wanted would be missing.


Awesome! Thank you!!

I’ve been waiting to get a sovereign world till I saw more examples of different biomes that I would actually like on one, and this planet of yours is exactly like what I had in mind. Now to figure out colors hahaha! Decisions,decisions. :grin:

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PSA: decided not to renew. It will expire in 3 days.

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Oh, that’s a shame. This planet looked like a jewel :confused:

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Thank you. :blush:

I don’t have any reason to keep it (or any others) though.

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I’m already under my sheets waiting for Morpheus but tomorrow I’ll go explore Paradise drinking my coffee :blush:

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