Park: adv. coils from 990c

Park (on biitula via PS, TNT et
check the fab BUTT to ensure my selling and buying prices are reasonable (millions in request baskets), when it’s back up and running!


edit: world terminated

Just popped a new sovereign with silk mustard ■■■■■ (for next 2-3 weeks at least)
no plotting but otherwise have at it.

(grab some gleam and sell it to the fab Roxie’s at DK mall…one of the few colours they don’t currently have)

portal through waterfall next to my main hub


Challenge accepted. Really thought we had silk mustard…

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:grin: really wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d had missed that one amongst the multitude on display but :+1: noice!
probably not gonna be a popular colour but I kinda like it :slight_smile:

have a creative, Trina, (portal in Park’s main hub area) that I will not use so if anyone peeps wanna use it over the next 4 weeks to experiment with then please have at it :+1:

quite a pwetty planet but not quite there, for me.

plus the sovereign, Troon, only has 6 days left before kaaboom time (currently has stark azure ballz)

edit: world terminated

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Update for shop:

buying silver and gold ore at 22c each plus copper, iron and titanium at various good prices.

workbench, refinery, extractor and compactor coils all now only 900c each.

also buying a few other things and much rock for free.

stock update: currently have over 3000 each of the bluey, greeny, reddy and orangey coils available.

update: buying rift…2 million in basket

have added 3 new shop outlets…prices are a little higher but that’s having to take into account shipping etc…

Shop-at-the-top (via PS sochalitin I hub)… fun fall in middle but otherwise careful of the edge.
lovely views over the fab city of Granduer!

a glowing Park (neighbouring PS aries hub)

a minimalist Park at Star’s Hollow (tana VII)


The rocks and essence stands are gone…


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free rock will still be available from time to time just in smaller amounts…had been clearing larger overstocks recently.
essence will be back asap, changing layout a little…spring cleaning :rabbit: :broom:


have reduced request baskets to just rift and copper for the mo…mining all the other ores I need from a couple of sovereigns plus not making any more coils for a while (sales have slowed)

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For how long is production of coils stopped?


so im guessing that its finally not profitable or at least break even to buy these from people to sell for coils anymore?

until demand grows…have a few mats in storage ready to cook if needed.

Breaking even (which is fine by me, making excessive profit is not my goal) it is but mining a lot a mo before incoming xp “balance” and my 2 mining sovereigns have a nice amount of ore. Once update drops and if demand grows then baskets will come out again as mining will go out the window and I’ll be mostly building.