Passive bonus buildings

I thought a neat feature for player cities would be the ability to add certain passive bonuses when you are inside a structure. Like passive health regeneration or an increase in weapon/armor crafting skill. Something I’ve been toying with in my brain for a week or so now.


Maybe like a micro beacon that grants health regen or other buffs. Would make holding a defense somewhat practical.
I’m not sure how much we need something like this though…

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This would work well with taverns and crafting areas in cities.

What would be determined as a structure? If I make a dirt hut would that regenerate me? Would that mean just being underground would also do the job? If there is a beacon I can understand, but just a plain building would be a lot of work and bugs to fix.

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I like the idea of adding a “home turf” type of buff adding 5-10% to your attack and/or defense power might be handy even in PvP. The attacker will always suffer more when sieging the castle if you know what I mean. I am against regeneration just because there will be spells and items to heal damage.

Adding buffs to your home based on your crafting preferences would be ideal, specially if they end up adding 8+ specializations. Having a special kind of “well rested” where having rested in your bed provides a 10-30min buff giving certain attributes unique to your choosing or perhaps to your class type.

Why would they siege my fortress? I would lock all my containers, my beacon can’t change allegiance if they did kill me, and you better believe I have a maze and traps set up.

Who knows, when you add elements of survival you can’t expect to have such elements of comfort as allied beacons, locked chests and mazes with disarmable traps to protect you. You just might have what I am looking for.

Within the confines of a beacon, players could add a single passive bonus to any given structure. With a limit on the number of bonuses that can be applied total within the beacon. I hate using examples from other games. But similar to the qualifications that Terraria uses for suitable houses for NPCs. Four walls, ceiling, floor, proper door, chair table, light source.

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Yes, do it with furniture like items. If you want more life in a room, build a fountain. Do you need better crafting, build a sculpture next to the anvil… :wink:

But attacking other beacons is useless in Oort. The only purpose for a higher regeneration for pvp would be in duelling arenas (which may be buildable in Oort :wink: )

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