Patch excitement


@james any ETA on forge patch hitting live? I’m so excited about it I can barely wait. Will be trying to take a few days leave from work once it hits live - a tentative date would help a lot in planning that :wink:


yes indeed! we are all chomping at the bit for this.


It needs more testing and more features are going into testing, so it is worth jumping on testing and playing around with it to see what is new and help us find issues so we can get the feature out faster. :slight_smile:


can ya sneak in some poles
when other dev’s not looking?
my couch is also still made off rock but i can upgrade it to sponge at moment no worrys


I asked about this this morning. We shall see… :wink:


Mine is made out of sand. Wanna trade?


Mine is made out of roadrunner feathers.:slight_smile:


I want one made out of cuttletrunk tears? :joy:


That’s my water bed. lol