Paying 20k per shop opened at Legendville Mall

I’m looking to get some fresh blood into Legendville Mall, and I’m offering 20k to sellers to open a shop here. New to the game? Come check it out! Looking to build an outlet for one of your shops? Think about LM! It’s no Gmall by size, but it’s better organized and prettier (sorry MajorVex I love you!) and has about 150 shops. Fantasy forest themed and organized into long straight rows for easy navigation.

How to get here (portals):
DK’s Ultima Mall Finata
DK’s Ultima Tree Eresho
Gyosha Mall (old hub)
Organized Mall
DSK Mall
TNT (I’m the Tana portal)
Down by the shore with Pauly
Enjoy Divinity
PS Biitula
Kindred Bay
HSE Tardis Hub
Risty’s thrifty outlet at Gmall
Aquatopia lodge resort
Fantasy tree
Awesomeville Shop and Portals
Fireborn Nomads
Naughty Mall
Reapers Tower of Power

You can also take any portal to Legendville hub and walk (the horror!) 3 blocks east on the ol’ chevrolegs


lol :two_hearts: you back :grin:

Legendville is a cool place. Very nice set-up, I wish you luck :+1:

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Think I’ve been there a few times. I’ll have to seriously check it out, maybe tonight

I’ve been looking around for a while now for a second store, home is miles away from everything… I’m interested.

Ps - interested in a store, not the cash hehe

Haha either way @Prome3us :wink:

I was intently eyeing a spot near the entrance to walkway B I believe, on the right hand side - I believe you own it atm… but then again not sure if buffers are gonna be in play. will come over in a bit if you are free

Baby Cookie thinks of 10k Pfft Pfft Pfft

Haha well everyone isn’t rich like you :blush:

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Puh, malls, markets is where it’s at! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well Now I have a reason to sell my stuff, where do I sign up¿

You can grab any available spot in Legendville Mall and just PM me when you’ve got a shop set up :blush:

Great! reserved my space, will start building later

Sounds good, welcome to the mall! :blush:

Are you connected to portal seekers by chance? I have been considering running a shop again but nowadays I just like to use PS and that would be a deciding factor for me.

As a side note my home build is on Tana VII. Even if Legendville has a 2x1 connected to the PS hub there it would be much easier for me to shop and or sell at your mall.

Yup I’m at PS Biitula in the first ring of portals, the sign there has purple text @dbobick

Updated to 20k, this applies to those who already started building too :blush:

@earlybird4 u in now? Haha

I may be in I’ll come check it out when imonline next. So probably tomorrow.

Psst… DSK mall is now PxR mall. :wink:

Haven’t been to your place in waayyy too long! Have you done any updates to the place in the last few weeks?

Just the forest theme update - right right, PxR, my bad. I’ll have to update the sign!

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Done with my shop! Will add more items for sale tomorrow

Also can you change the name of the sign to Omeyocan Shop please? :wink: