PC on forged Topaz shovels?


3x3 with magnet and at least +1000 dura


Wouldnt you prefer damage to magnet?


Since diamond shovel with same attribute are selling at 9k coins at new leyden market the price for topaz shovel is probably so low that’s isn’t even worth forging at the moments.

I assume you can sell them at 8/9k or wait until the price goes up a little bit if that happens.


I guess price would be 3-6k. I don’t how much players are actually paying for these. But these are best shovels for players who like to gather brick resources.

Damage is not needed when collecting soils on low level planets :slight_smile:


Thanks @msa


Yeah, I forged a stack of these for a guildie for this purpose and wanted to be fair. Thanks for the replies all


I would think they are the same price since gem prices are the same. Going to take the same forge ingredients.


well diam is worth 50c per while 30c get you topaz nowadays


Never seen topaz and sapphire that low. Diamond sapphire and topaz at 50c yea. Ruby 75c emerald and amethyst 120-175c