Penalty for Food/Drinks

Just quickly before i head to bed, i think we should have penalty for eating stuff we shouldnt eat. like if you add alchemy you can eat herbs but some will be heal you while others will damage you, same with food, like eating raw meat would make you take damage, also for drinks, if there is alchohol in the game it might give you a buff here and now, but if you drink too much you will start to get drunk WoW style. not being able to walk properly and stuff.

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From the looks of the character concepts some of them seem to be more predator based so perhaps some species could get away with eating raw meat while herbivor/omnivore based species could not?

I kind of like the idea of having stuff for an appropriate diet. The problem could be making it more complicated than people want. Restricting foods to certain races could add something that ends up being more inconvenient than fun.

I like the idea of some things being good or bad to consume. Raw meats are debatable, but some plants could be good or bad to eat.


Certain animals can’t eat plants like onions and such, so a penalty is probably a good idea. :smile:

I was thinking the Omnivore races could be easier for more casual/beginner players since they can eat meat and plants freely while strictly herbivore/carnivore would be a bit more challenging (and maybe are a bit stronger/faster)
But it probably would make it too complicated, you’re right.
Just a thought though.