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There was no primordial on this new exo

There was yes, Not much or any left now.


Oh so I’m getting them confused. It was the other one that didn’t have any. Tho the resource tab didn’t show it for this one. And primordial is a resource sooo

@Trundamere are you sure you didn’t get that on the other one. Because the other one earlier had primordial on the resource tab and this one doesn’t.

fire if all of particular resource got harvested its removed from resource tab :slight_smile: previous also had it :slight_smile: for like 15 minutes :slight_smile: then all was gathered by ppl and it was gone from resource list :slight_smile: @FireAngelDth

I can’t imagine that @Gorillastomp got on after it was all gone already. But maybe he did.

he was way after it was gone :smiley:

So all was harvested in less than 30min. That’s ridiculous. More and more disliking this game now.



I am pretty sure… This was the only Exo world I been on.

More goo caves! It was fun seeing a few of y’all earlier… Goo-d race! :wink:


it could happen on the first planet, i had small issue before i could got on. and yeah it was mined out in 40 min not 15 min.

You made this post about 30min after the planet spawned btw.

well i am talking about the first on that spawned,

But this planet i was there pretty much right away when it spawned, and it shows the Primordial Resin in the Resource tab at 0.07%. It’s in the “ores” sections(Embedded Resources, #13).

Ahh that’s my bad then. I thought it was under the other one. Doesn’t make sense to me to be under ores. But I guess it’s more or less embedded

:point_right:(It will take about 15 minutes for the HD version of the video to resolve to YT - then refresh to see the HD version)


The underwater caves are much more interesting than what’s on the surface, guys



One more huge goo cavern… :slight_smile: Now I really need to go find some of that gleam…

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So does anyone have any good gleam coordinates before the exo leaves?

-1510N, -1218E, Alt 63

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Found a small gleam spot in the top pic here, 744, 503. Going to miss this one when it’s gone, probably my favorite set of block colors yet. :slight_smile: Need to get as much gleam as possible today.