Perrin's Discount and maze

Hello again! It’s been a few weeks! I have restocked my shop. All of my items for sale are priced at 5-10x chrysominter value. Over the course of the next few weeks I’ll be adding more shop stands and more items as I get em. The items that I have in request baskets are priced at the same value as the shop stands(for the most part)

Location is on Beckon accessible via the aquatopia embassy hub in the shop area first floor.
The mazes still stand as well and in just a few minutes I’ll be putting forged gear in the hidden shop stands through out it. Sold for the low price of 1c. :grin: good luck!


Is It called Perrin’s Discount in the shop area? I’m at work so I haven’t been able to get on yet.

That’s the place! :sunglasses:

Just wanted to make sure. I love a good maze so I’ll try to stop by today!

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